7 World Foods NOT to Try on Your Adventure

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Wherever you go in the world, you’ll always find somewhere offering a selection of delicious cuisines. While all the countries on this list fall under that bracket, they also serve up some rather questionable dishes.

1) Monkey Brains – Indonesia  

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Let’s kick it off with a doozy. Monkey brains isn’t some clever name for a standard meal, it’s quite literally the fried (or in some cases raw) consumption of the brain of a simian.

In Indonesia it’s believed eating these brains will help cure impotency, which as a result has seen monkeys in that country violently hunted. Eating them has also been proven to cause fatal neurological disease.

2) Yak Penis – China 

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One restaurant in China specialises in serving exclusively penis on their menu – with the Yak’s being the largest, and therefore least appetising, on offer.

The as such named Guolizhuang Penis Restaurant has earned a reputation for its unique style. Albeit that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

3) Sardinian Maggot Cheese – Italy 

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This is arguably the food you’d most want to avoid on your adventure – the Italians are renowned for their amazing food, but this dish is far from one of their best.

This cheese, known as ‘Casu Marzu’, is made from sheep’s milk and has live larvae inside it. This dish is hard to find (we’re not even sure it’s legal), but some people claim it is still available on the Italian island.

4) Baby Mice Wine – Korea 

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Live babies are plucked from their mothers at birth and dropped into bottles of rice wine to ferment. Grim stuff.

This health tonic is supposed to taste like raw gasoline, so we’re not really sure exactly what the appeal is. 

5) Fruit Bat Soup – Palau 

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If you’re trying this food on your Palau adventure, then something has gone seriously wrong for you.

The bat is thrown (living) into a boiling pot of coconut milk, before vegetables are added. Disturbingly, other than a quick wash, there is no other prep for the fruit bat – meaning you eat its eyes, hands, feet, organs and even fur.

6) Balut – Phillipines 

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Things only get worse for us, with the latest item on our list coming in the form of a duck or chicken egg that’s been allowed to mature to the point where feet and a beak have formed, before being boiled.

The result of that is a hard-boiled egg which contains a mini bird inside when you crack open the shell. Err… Lovely stuff.

7) Hakarl – Iceland 

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Iceland has received publicity for all the right reasons recently, but their bizarre cuisine of Hakarl could set their public image back a touch.

This dish encompasses a shark which has been gutted, buried for 2 weeks, then exhumed and hung for 2 months. You’re eating a dead, decaying and rotten three-month-old fish.

These are seven of the worst dishes in the world, and are well worth avoiding on your adventure. Find any more out there? Let us know. 

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