About Ryan and his Chucks

“Let me tell you something kid; Everybody gets a chance to do something great. Most people never take that chance, either because they’re too scared, or they don’t recognize when it spits on they’re shoes”
-The Babe, Sandlot



Travel dudes and dudettes, wayward wanderers, daring dreamers, and other adventurous forces to be reckoned with!

If you aren’t one of those yet, we’ll get you there.

What’s this blog all about? In short, it’s about a guy and where his trusty Chucks take him around the world; just canvas, sole, and a dream to live gnarly. Plus some crazy ass stories. Well, it’s more than that, so lace up a pair and read on!

My name is Ryan, pleasure to make your acquaintance.

As a self-proclaimed corporate escape artist with a severe disdain for the mundane, I created Just Chuckin’ it to break down the beliefs that a successful life is confined inside a 5X5 carpet covered cubicle that reeks of stale coffee and broken dreams.

Ah, dreams. Dreams are an elusive thing. So is travel.

They both almost seem vaporous, light, and airy; an idea that comes and goes with the wind and only the imaginary characters in movies get to experience it.

To that I say nonsense!

“Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” -Langston Hughes

Some say I’m a tad bit crazy, which may be slightly true. These days I will be the first to slap you in the face to convince you to jump off of a bridge (with a bungy of course), take a random roadtrip to nowhere, or leap off a waterfall…naked.

There is no time to be bored.

I am no expert in this gritty business of chasing your dreams, but I am quite the advocate. It was only 2011 when I finally decided to break free and travel overseas after reaching a breaking point in my boring life.


A History Lesson

You know the stigma about Americans: Go to school, get a job, buy a house, buy a bunch of shiny crap, work towards a 401k, retire, die. Growing up in a small town beside the nations capital, it seemed to be a trap for anyone and everyone I knew, myself included.

I was never encouraged to chase after the pie-in-the-sky, just to settle for what you get and what is safe. My pops broke his back everyday in a labor job living to work, and my brother thinks chasing my dream is wildly irresponsible.

But something tore at me from the inside. Some unexplainable and insatiable desire. It was driving me MAD!

Sure, I had dabbled in travel before 2011. After my dad passed away when I was 19 and rocked my foundation, I moved out West on a whim and worked on a cruise ship in Hawaii. Yet, it was mainly about the destination and not the journey. I was running away from my life, not changing it. I was still unhappy.

Then it hit me like a brick to the face. What the hell was I doing with my life?! I was squandering my time on this planet.

Well…It didn’t just come upon me, but after countless hours on StumbleUpon and scouring travel blogs in wonderment, I knew I needed to see the world.

FERNWEH- Origin German: A crave for travel. An intense longing for a place you have never been.

So I quit my amazing job, sold all (erm, most) of my worldly possessions, and took off to New Zealand without any knowledge of a nomadic lifestyle. Yes, it wasn’t as easy as I made it seem right there. And no, it isn’t as hard as you might imagine.

Sure, I was alone, I was clueless, and I feared failure. But If I wasn’t experiencing these crazy emotions then I know it wouldn’t be worth it.

Though I’m new to the nomadic lifestyle, I can promise that I will be giving you the honest truth and the best tips I can find to help start your travels.

The 8 months spent swinging life away in a hammock on white sand beaches, bungy jumping into sapphire blue lakes, kayaking to Narnia, and the overall life on the road taught me more about myself than ever. You could even say I became enlightened to an extent.

It is now clear. There is no other lifestyle for me.


 This Blog

Just Chuckin’ it is a Travel and Lifestyle blog chronicling the (mis)adventures of chasing my dream of traveling this marvelous planet for the rest of my existence. More importantly; in this collection of tales, ramblings, eye stimuli, ideals, and opinions you may just find the tools to embrace the fear of the unknown to get you off your ass to start your own epic journey.

Though I’m new to the nomadic lifestyle, I can promise that I will be giving you the honest truth and the best tips I can find to help start your travels.

But I want to create a different kind of blog.

Not only will I tell you about the adventures, I will show you what it takes to start from nothing, to travel when you have lost everything, to master your fear, how to take that first step, how to keep going when you stumble, and show you the world through retina rupturing travel photos and epic videos to help you reach Terminal Vicariosity (I totally made that word up).

Terminal Vicariosity: The point where the mind reaches maximum capacity from living vicariously through someone else, and chooses to start actually living.

The only thing I leave for you to ponder is this:


To Live Gnarly


merely exist?

that is the question.