And so a Lost Boy Leaves for Thailand.

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The day has finally arrived! After watching for months the countdown on my phone ticking ever so slowly down to this day, I am at the airport waiting for my flight.

It’s real.

I am leaving.

I am flying to a foreign country.

I am flying to a place I know barely anything about.

I am putting aside the tremendous amount of fear that I am riddled with.

I am doing something that scares the hell out of me.

That is how I know I am on the right path.

Anything that isn’t worthwhile doing won’t scare you.

Chasing your dream isn’t done sitting idle.

It is done with a leap of faith.

Or, in my case, a flight to Thailand.


Or am I…?

In a strange way I am not as excited as I thought I’d be. I figured I would be cartwheeling about the airport. But for the last few days I’ve been pretty…calm.

I know I am excited and that I’ve been waiting for this moment for months. I don’t think that excitement has dissipated at all either. I think a collected calm has come over me. I know I am on an adventure. I’ve been working for this. I feel suddenly at peace.

Since I left on the 6 day train adventure it has been non-stop traveling for the past couple weeks and even with all of that distraction, I’ve had butterflies about the trip to Thailand. And now that I’m in California waiting for my flight, I was questioning why wasn’t going crazy about it.

I believe the excitement isn’t bursting out of every seam in me because I’m focused on the upcoming adventure. I am living my crazy and gnarly dream and in my heart and my soul I know  because I know I am on the right path.

They kind flight attendant just came by and stamped my ticket with a nifty Facebook-esque thumbs up.

Boarding has begun as I rush to type this on my phone. Thank you everyone for all of your amazing support and comments. You helped make this a reality as well.

And with that, this Lost Boy leaves for Thailand!


Does this happen to you? The day before your trip, do you feel less excited but more focused?


  1. Thailand is an easy country to travel in (I live in Chiang Mai). There are tons of other backpackers and the locals are generally friendly and very polite. I’m sure you’re going to have the time of your life!

  2. Don’t take the private buses from the Khao San Road agencies! Always go to the public bus stations (Mo Chit for points north, Mai Sai for points south, Ekkamai for points East) or take the train (only fully available for the south and northeast right now, the north line is still under repairs), they are much safer than the former option…!

    See you in Chiang Mai man, have a great flight!

    1. Author

      Wicked tips man, thank you so much! Yeah, I’ve been taking taxis or trains everywhere pretty much. I’ve noticed with the non government backed transport that it is really shady.

  3. Huge best wishes for your adventure Ryan and I’ll be watching with interest how you feel in a different culture. The only thing I remember being puzzled about was the taxi driver looking anxious when I commented on the street pictures of the King and Queen. I said how beautiful the Queen was when she visited NZ, he warned me not to talk about the royals at all. So I never mentioned them again.

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