Best Travel Articles: Feb. 3rd-17th


Welcome to your weekly travel digest. Just like a young chap in the early 1900’s, I will be playing the role of town cryer telling you all the best reads hot of the (word)press.

Each week I will be posting up my favorite blog reads that catch my terribly low attention span. No, I will not be in overalls and a golf cap like this dapper young lad on the left.

When I’m not wandering around the world, I’m reading about it, so I want to collect some entertainment to light that travel spirit under your ass!

There will be no “Top 10” posts here, no “Best Beaches” bullshit, just straight up travel adventures and motivation.


The Day I Became A Shark Photographer
by The World is Waiting

Exceprt: “Oh, you’re ok with sharks right?” Ok with sharks? I love sharks but it’s not like I knew any personally and knowing what I now know, I should probably have asked what type of sharks we were talking about, but said that I would love to dive with sharks more.

Sharks scare the hell out of me. And those photographers that willingly go swimming around with them pointing giant cameras in their face? They seem crazy. Well what happens when you get a job offer to be one of those crazies?



Traveler Update Part 15
by Anti-Tourist Traveler

Excerpt: Today was just another typical Friday. You know, huge bugs, teaching foreign students alone, hiking who knows where, seeing new bug species, being left alone in a deserted mini-village, night trekking, walking over a bamboo bridge, etc. Nothing too crazy.

Talk about crazy. My day isn’t usually filled with extreme foods and giant bugs. Here is a play-by-play of daily life in Thailand for this traveler.


Travel Photography

Stunning Communist Architecture – The Brutalism of New Zagreb, Croatia
by Nate Robert of Yomadic

Exceprt: Using a familiar architectural blue print, most buildings can be categorised as perfect evil-genius lair, amazing location for super villain head quarters, or what would broadly and flatteringly be referred to as 1970′s communist chic.

Yomadic is my go to blog whenever I want to see a fascinating perspective of the world. Nate captures communist era architecture in a way that shows you the raw and brutal form of a time-period long gone, but still present in concrete and steel form.



The Big Five In Kenya
by Seattle’s Travels

Excerpt: In the same way that many have a travel bucket list, most people come into a safari with a bucket list of animals that they want to see during their game drives. The Big Five is a list of five large African animals that always seem to make the most desired sightings.

Lions, leopards, and rhinos OH MY! Seattle gets up-close and personal with the biggest of animals that roam through Kenya and captures their fierce and stunning beauty.


Tips & Tricks

Getting To Know People Abroad
by Kimi Sugiyama

Exceprt: Whether fostering relationships with hostel roommates or chatting with locals on the street, I’ve discovered 3 common threads that left me with connections much deeper than the occasional Facebook message or 5-minute friendship.

Kimi describes 3 of the best scenarios to get to know “strangers” while traveling. Sometimes getting to know people on the road can be nerve wrecking, but it ultimately leads to more meaningful connections and friendships.



Stonehenge: Is It Worth It?
by Amanda of A Dangerous Business

Excerpt: When you see it in photos, Stonehenge looks pretty big; pretty impressive. But, in real life? Well let’s just say that you’re likely to hear “I thought it’d be bigger”

Stonehenge is on most bucket-lists and “must see” destination guides, but is it actually as mystical and fascinating as it’s said to be? Amanda will clue you in.



Why I Traveled The World (Thought Catalog)
by Taryn Adler

Exceprt: Call it stupid, self-indulgent or brave (I like brave), but I needed something different. I wanted an adventure, to be inspired, to meet interesting people, to feel interested, to see the world. I was ready for change.

Taryn is one of my very favorite travel writers. In a post for Thought Catalog, she reveals the reasons why she decided to travel to India alone and leave behind a successful job and a “normal” lifestyle. Eye-opening motivation to get out of your routine right here.



What Inspires You To Travel?
by The Time-Crunched Traveler

Excerpt: If fate had it’s way I would be in a 9-5 until my last breath, but fate is for those too weak to determine their own destiny, and us travelers are lionhearted.

These to seasoned travelers interviewed a few travel bloggers to find out what deep down inspires them to travel. I was one of them! CHeck out my interview and the others.


Travel Videos

5 Tips for Shooting Travel Videos
by Kristen of Hopscotch the Globe

Excerpt: One of the best ways to share your travels is through a fantastically produced video full of captivating sights and sounds. In hopes of wowing your friends by doing just that, you return home and eagerly prepare your computer software and footage for editing, but something isn’t feeling right.

Kristen has become one of my new favorite bloggers. She is wickedly funny and makes some stellar travel videos. Here, she gives us some tips on how to make your travel videos kick-ass as well!



Find other awesome reads this week or want to be featured next week? Comment below!



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