Gnarliest Travel Articles: September 29th-October 5th


Welcome to your weekly travel digest. Just like a young chap in the early 1900’s, I will be playing the role of town cryer telling you all of the best travel articles hot of the (word)press.

Each week I will be posting up my favorite blog reads that catch my terribly low attention span. No, I will not be in overalls and a golf cap like this dapper young lad on the left.

When I’m not wandering around the world, I’m reading about it, so I want to collect some entertainment to light that travel spirit under your ass!

There will be no “Top 10” posts here, no “Best Beaches” bullshit, just straight up travel adventures and motivation.


17 Countries, 27 days, 350 Euro – European Road Trip Part Two
by Nate of Yomadic

Exceprt: “It’s been more than five thousand kilometers, so far. The car, which cost 350 Euro, has taken Phillipa, myself, and a small handful of extras (the nice guy from Sweden, the English guy who lives in Bulgaria who may be on some kind of “watch-list”) safely from the Netherlands, to Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, The Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Macedonia, the breakaway territory of Transnistria, and now to the UNESCO listed city of Berat, Albania (city of a thousand windows). Seventeen countries, in just a few weeks or so. And boy, are my arms tired. OK, that’s the wrong punchline for a different joke.”

Nate is on one helluva road trip, and he is doing it all in a car, “Nancy”, that he bought for 350 Euro. He has much further to go on this European road trip, so catch up with his awesome journey and discover an amazing writer while you are at it!



What’s it Really Like to Travel Japan?
by Kate of Adventurous Kate

Excerpt: It is an experience. It surrounds you. Every moment of every day is filled with new discoveries and cultural difference and utter delights. I can’t describe it beyond that, but everyone who has been knows exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ve always had a fascination with Japan, its food, and its culture. Well, Kate breaks down her experiences in Japan like I’ve never seen, picking apart all of the little things, observations, and stigmas in a hilarious and informative article.


Travel Photography

Batman’s Alley: The Boldest and Brightest of Brazilian Graffiti 
by Flora of Flora the Explorer

It is almost a given that if I see a graffiti photo essay, it’ll be on here. And this week, Flora shows you around a famous graffiti alley in Brazil that’ll literally punch you in the face with color. It’s gnarly, so go have a color ‘splosion.

Plus she touches upon the opposition graffiti and expression faces in the country, and how the city without it, is bleak.




Untitled artwork 2013-02-11 (03.22.27-697 PM)

A Quick Guide to the Best Thailand Islands
by Becki of Backpacker Becki

Right on the verge of my own trip to Thailand, it seems as though every post I come across these days is about Thailand. And that is AWESOME! I need all of the tips, and Becki takes great care to list the best Islands to explore, what to expect, and why to go there.


Recent Posts on the Blog:

Escape From Tomorrowland – Why You Must Travel Today!

Many of us, including myself sans travel, live in Tomorrowland. It is a place where we put off everything small or big until some later date. Well, in truth, tomorrow is just a theory. There is no guarantee it’ll come. So I explain exactly why you ned to live for today and travel.


30 Days Until My Great American Train Adventure!

It is now under a month until I begin my adventure across the United States from DC to Los Angeles. I’ve just received AMAZING news, that Amtrak will sponsor it, so I share my route, why I love train travel so much, and what is to come on the blog!


Proclamation of Intent to Live Gnarly

I have finally put together all of the meaning behind my motto “Live Gnarly” as well as a call to arms for the dreamers and travelers of the Live Gnarly army into one inspirational graphic. The Proclamation Of Intent To Live Gnarly covers all of the basis of why I love travel.


Does that have ya pumped up?! Find other awesome reads this week or want to be featured next week? Comment below!



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    You da man.

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    Cheers Ryan! Glad the São Paulo graffiti fits into the ‘gnarly’ category :p

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      Oh yes, definitely gnarly Flora, thank you for sharing!

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      Glad you liked them Mary!


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