Weekly Photo Mojo: My Plane’s Propeller Stopped in Mid-Air.

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I’ve always had a slight uneasiness when flying. Just the fact that I am up thousands of feet in the air, with my life in someone else’s hands, gives me a pang of anxiousness. Though I’ve gotten comfortable with flying a bit more over the past couple of years, take off and landing still make me pray to gods I don’t normally. While on a …

Mission Impossible: Escape From Flooded Toronto!

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It was when I was drying my chucks with hand dryers, whilst standing barefoot on paper towels so not to step foot in the nastiness that is the basement bathroom of Toronto’s bus station, when I knew it was going to be a long freakin’ night. Mother Nature can be a bitch sometimes, and she picked the night I was leaving on my bus back …

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Newfoundland to Ontario: Road Trip Across Canada’s East

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I never thought about Canada as a “must-see” destination. I don’t know why, I just didn’t. But after completing a road trip from Newfoundland to Ontario over 3 weeks, my view has flipped. Canada, you freakin’ rock! TBEX Toronto (Travel Blogger Exchange) was just a couple of months away at the time when I got a message from my buddy Zak of Sparkpunk, who I had only ever …

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In Photos: The Fantastical Lighthouses of Eastern Canada.

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There is something oddly fascinating and magical about lighthouses, at least for me. Beacons of hope perched atop sea-swept cliffs or far-reaching jetties calling sailors home, or warning them of the imminent dangers that lay beneath the midnight blue water of night. Maybe I have a thing for lighthouses because I view them as a beacon for me as well, calling me from one point …

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Beautiful Newfoundland: Trek to Gros Morne Fjord

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I awoke in a sweat. My heart was racing and palms clammy. Where was I? I was confused. The laptop was beside me on the homemade quilt I was laying on; I must have fallen asleep editing photos.

I was still trying to pry my tired eyes open and adjust to the light in that orange glossy cabin room when I glanced to my left. Suddenly my heart jumped and my stomach sank as I saw a man standing beside my bed.

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Road Trip to #TBEX Day 1: Into the Grey to Gros Morne

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And so the tale begins. A tale of four travel-hearted individuals from different reaches of the North Americas. Four travel-hearted bloggers on an epic two-week road trip from the jagged coastlines of Newfoundland in the east, to the 2013 Travel Blog Expo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I hope you are ready for the shenanigans that will ensue… First thing is first – let me give …

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St. John’s: Stunning Sights From Signal Hill.

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Two trains, two planes, and a combined 20hrs of traveling (not counting local buses and shuttles) I finally reached St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada! Rest? Rest is for the dead it seems, because the moment I arrived, it was already time to go exploring. Though I did feel quite dead from lack of sleep. Before embarking on an epic upcoming road-trip with three other travel bloggers(Candice, …