Eco-Friendly Travel Hacks Too Easy Not to Use! VLOG Ep. 3

Becoming a more eco-friendly traveler? Yikes! That can sound daunting right? Like quitting drinking alcohol for New Year. I’m going to be straight with you, it’s NOT that hard. And I’m writing this to prove to you just how easy it’ll be to transition into a more eco-conscious traveler. At this point, I think we all know there is a GIANT problem all around the world when it comes to plastic and plastic pollution. And if you don’t know, well all you have to do is look around really. Trash… Read More

A Traditional Italian Dinner at Campodalto Eco-Villa in Umbria, Italy.

Family values are a big thing in Italy. And even bigger, are the enormous and lengthy family style dinners that Italy is famous for. And while staying at Campodalto in the hills of Umbria, I had my first experience which made a lasting memory. Something happened to me during the five days of my stay in the hills of Umbria. On that hour or so ride from Rome late at night to Paciano where a 10-day blog tour of Italy would be kicking off, I could not have imagined what it… Read More