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Memoir Rough Chaper 1: Fragments of Nostalgia

What do you truly see when you look in the mirror — the purest glimpse of your soul? Here is the beginning chapter of my memoir in progress, which traces my impending fall to rock bottom and how I clawed my way back into the light. My first trip abroad filled my life with purpose, but failure to deal with my past drove me deeper into the darkness while traveling. This will chronicle the events from childhood until now and how I found purpose in my life, allowing me to pursue my passion of travel pure and free.

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Video: Surviving the Bumbling Death Bus from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, India

Traveling from city to city in countries around the world by some sketchy mode of transport is nothing new. Driving three people on a motorbike was pretty easy. Hanging from the back of a songthaew wasn’t so bad. Hitchhiking in New Zealand? No sweat. But sometimes you take a ride in something and immediately think to yourself, “Will I survive this? Probably not…”

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