12 Profound Life Lessons Travel Will Teach You

To say that travel changes you is a vast understatement. Whether you like it or not, long-term or frequent travel will have some impact on your life and your mentality — but it is up to you to be open-minded enough to absorb and grow from those experiences. And travel did more than just change me. So what life lessons have I learned after 4 years of travel?

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Memoir Rough Chaper 1: Fragments of Nostalgia

What do you truly see when you look in the mirror — the purest glimpse of your soul? Here is the beginning chapter of my memoir in progress, which traces my impending fall to rock bottom and how I clawed my way back into the light. My first trip abroad filled my life with purpose, but failure to deal with my past drove me deeper into the darkness while traveling. This will chronicle the events from childhood until now and how I found purpose in my life, allowing me to pursue my passion of travel pure and free.

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Video: Surviving the Bumbling Death Bus from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, India

Traveling from city to city in countries around the world by some sketchy mode of transport is nothing new. Driving three people on a motorbike was pretty easy. Hanging from the back of a songthaew wasn’t so bad. Hitchhiking in New Zealand? No sweat. But sometimes you take a ride in something and immediately think to yourself, “Will I survive this? Probably not…”

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Featured Country: India

India is always a country I always hear described with one phrase: It’s a love and hate kind of country. And that is about as consistent as India gets. India, as I joked many times with different groups of backpackers, is consistently inconsistent. It is a paradox where the ugliness and beauty are hand in hand, where incredibly frustrating moments are followed by incredibly rewarding moments, where it is uplifting of the spirit yet depressing in the soul. Come read see the experiences I had!

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Big News about the Blog, Book Announcement, and Back to the “Boring” Life.

Hello traveler. Hello dreamer. Hello reader. Hello fellow human being. Most importantly, hello friend — old or new or hopefully in the future. If you subscribe to my newsletter, some of this may be old news given the update last weekend, but I will be expanding on some of the things I talked about and it has been too long since I posted a personal update on the blog. A lot has been changing, not specifically for the better or for the worse — just change. But honestly, I’m feeling a bit rusted,… Read More

Featured Country: Italy

Ever since I was a wee little boy, Italy was the country I dreamed of seeing over everything else. It was probably the badass gladiatorial culture that fascinated me as a youngin’ but as I got older it was the history and impact on the world that drew my curiosity. I never thought I would see it, like it was a fantasy place from movies. But after I had to leave Thailand because of the military coup, Italy was my first choice to visit. Over the course of a month… Read More

Get Green! Explore Fontanaro Organic Wine and Olive Estate in Umbria.

The moment I stepped foot in the backyard of Il Fontanaro, I knew I was going to quite enjoy myself. Maybe it was Bob humming along as he cut the lawn, or maybe it was the pool beyond the hedges the overlooked the green gum-drop dotted hills around, or maybe it was the hammock swaying in the breeze (after all, hammocks make everything better). Maybe it was the drive through the valley that did it, or the old brown dogs that greeted us after passing by the family vegetable garden. Even… Read More

Food adventures in Ponza: The Best Seafood I’ve Ever Had.

There was a time when I could have been labeled the most picky eater alive. Anything with a weird texture, look, smell, or even name I wouldn’t go near. But I like to think that travel has broadened my tastes (and probably my ass too) and allowed me to break down the taste bud barriers — and now I am proud to say that I am usually up for trying most anything. Just keep Vegemite away. During the 10-day tour through Italy with a group of bloggers I tried more types… Read More