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Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market: Sights, Sounds, and Smells.

Everything sizzles and pops around you. Steam floats into the night sky like aromatic clouds carrying scrumptious smells of marvelous treats like various meats, or grilled vegetables, or spicy soups — all to the song from a lute; cracked leather-like fingers pluck the instrument, that long necked worn cherry-colored lute called the sueng, releasing a melody of ting-tang-tong-tang-ting to add sweet soundtracks amongst the chitter-chatter of the throngs. Here and there and everywhere  is food porn galore. From spicy papaya salad to buttered garlic bread, pork balls and chicken balls (not testes) to… Read More

Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago? Gino’s East vs. Giordano’s Comparison

What is the best deep dish pizza joint in Chicago? That is the most pressing question for must-do things when visiting the Windy City, especially if you only have a few hours on a layover. I have now been to Chicago on Amtrak layovers twice, and both times I went hunting for the best and most epic deep dish pizza the city has to offer. With hundreds of places to choose from and most claiming to be the best, it was a doozy trying to decide. But here are my comparisons… Read More