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What to do in Auckland – Escape from Queen Street!

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“I can’t wait to leave Auckland!“ This is a phrase often heard from other backpackers during the numerous times I was in Auckland. At first, they would be head-over-heels for the City of Sails, but after a week of two partying their faces off on Queen Street, they were “over it“. The City of Sails seems to always get a bad reputation for being all sorts …

Best Ways to Get Around New Zealand for Backpackers

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New Zealand is known for a lot of things; Sheep lovin’ (according to Aussies), adrenaline sports, Lord of the Rings locations, an exciting warrior culture, and its diverse and ravishing natural beauty. But deep down at its heart, New Zealand has become a country made for travelers. The country boasts a wildly transient population, with 25% of the 4 million people in New Zealand being …

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Haiti Travel Guides

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Welcome to the one and only, über awesome guide to Haiti! Ever wanted to visit the Pearl of the Caribbean, Ayiti? Intrigued as to find out more about what lies beneath in this mis-represented country? Ever wanted to know what the hell to pack, where to go, how to get around, what the food is like, and all of that good stuff? Well dudes and …

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Great Falls National Park: Best Day Hike Near Washington DC

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A fierce white, frothing river cuts through grey, jagged bedrock at thousands of pounds per second. Parallel sits a now docile canal, once built-in hopes of increasing trade and traffic through the region. The thunderous roar of the falls can be heard for miles amongst the green brushed treetops and the lush, fern covered shorelines. When you think of Washington D.C. do you really ever …

8 Minuscule But Important Things to NEVER Travel Without

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“If I forget something I’m going to be screwed!” Many of us go through this thought process while packing for a trip. The feeling that you are going to forget something important always looms as you go over your checklist a thousand times. What about the little things that you may never think of? Throughout my trip to New Zealand I realized that a few …