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Delhi: The Perfect Base for an India Adventure

Delhi, the historic capital of India, is one of the liveliest and most colorful destinations in the world. So much so that it can feel overwhelming at first arrival given the sheer amount of sensory stimulation hitting you from all directions. Your eyes widen and rapidly glance back and forth trying to keep up with the fascinating visuals of life. Your nose will be drawn in a million different directions to the enchanting scents of Indian cuisine. Your tastebuds will be dancing in delight at the vibrant and unique flavors… Read More

Why Belgrade is My Favorite European City

When I mention Belgrade is my favorite European city to people who ask, which happens A LOT, I always receive a slightly shocked reply. “Really, Belgrade?” is usually a reply, with raised eyebrows accompanying the rippled forehead and bulging lower lip signifying a bit of surprise and confusion. Really, Belgrade or Beograd is my absolute favorite European city for many reasons. And over the past couple of years, I’ve made it a point to visit the city every chance I get. After the initial surprise that my favorite European city… Read More

5 Secrets to Exploring Los Angeles on a Budget

Los Angeles: the city of glamour, fame, and fortune. It can be a “hella” fun place to visit — but it can also bottom out your bank account if you aren’t careful.[x_custom_headline type=”center” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”][icon type=”angle-double-down”][/x_custom_headline] Traveling to Los Angeles? Then take note of these simple hacks to save money in the City of Angels. Some travelers come to LA expecting to spend tons of money on the clubs and clothes, and if that’s your intention for a vacation, fine. Splurge on the high-end restaurants and wax museums and “Star Sightings” buses…. Read More

Your New Year Resolutions are Rubbish – How to Succeed in 2015.

Ooh, those are some fighting words aren’t they? Did that hurt? It is a touchy subject when somebody takes your New Year resolutions and categorize them as trash. Except I am right — and by the end of this post I guarantee you and I will be in agreement. Then you’ll be ready t take on 2015 punch for punch. It’s a sick cycle that happens every year like a skipping record. Another 365 days are scratched off that paradise calendar; and after drudging through another year of living on… Read More

Survival Guide to Celebrating Songkran in Thailand

Have you ever heard of Songkran? If not, you’re missing out. Songkran is the biggest water gun battle in the world — imagine World War III but with squirt guns and ice-cold buckets of H2O. If you have partaken in this end-all-be-all New Year celebration or have seen evidence of this epicness, you know exactly what it entails. If it was so damn awesome, how could one grow annoyed by Songkran in the country of smiles under the 100° heat of the sun? Depends solely on the outcome of the battle, and… Read More

What to do in Auckland – Escape from Queen Street!

“I can’t wait to leave Auckland!“ This is a phrase often heard from other backpackers during the numerous times I was in Auckland. At first, they would be head-over-heels for the City of Sails, but after a week of two partying their faces off on Queen Street, they were “over it“. The City of Sails seems to always get a bad reputation for being all sorts of things except delightful. I know exactly why this is — and I’ll even admit that I thought Auckland was kinda crappy after just a… Read More

Best Ways to Get Around New Zealand for Backpackers

New Zealand is known for a lot of things; Sheep lovin’ (according to Aussies), adrenaline sports, Lord of the Rings locations, an exciting warrior culture, and its diverse and ravishing natural beauty. But deep down at its heart, New Zealand has become a country made for travelers. The country boasts a wildly transient population, with 25% of the 4 million people in New Zealand being travelers, backpackers, and individuals on working holidays. And with THAT many travelers in the country, it has evolved itself to cater to this, making it… Read More

Haiti Travel Guides

Welcome to the one and only, über awesome guide to Haiti! Ever wanted to visit the Pearl of the Caribbean, Ayiti? Intrigued as to find out more about what lies beneath in this mis-represented country? Ever wanted to know what the hell to pack, where to go, how to get around, what the food is like, and all of that good stuff? Well dudes and dudettes, you will find information and extensive guides below! Interactive Map (Don’t be shy! Tap or move your cursor over the map and look at… Read More

Great Falls National Park: Best Day Hike Near Washington DC

A fierce white, frothing river cuts through grey, jagged bedrock at thousands of pounds per second. Parallel sits a now docile canal, once built-in hopes of increasing trade and traffic through the region. The thunderous roar of the falls can be heard for miles amongst the green brushed treetops and the lush, fern covered shorelines. When you think of Washington D.C. do you really ever picture this in your head? Not many people do. Most will think of a bustling historic city, the monuments overflowing with selfie taking tourists, and… Read More

8 Minuscule But Important Things to NEVER Travel Without

“If I forget something I’m going to be screwed!” Many of us go through this thought process while packing for a trip. The feeling that you are going to forget something important always looms as you go over your checklist a thousand times. What about the little things that you may never think of? Throughout my trip to New Zealand I realized that a few small items I chose to pack were some of the most critically used. Some I hadn’t thought of sprang to mind at the time it… Read More