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Face to Face with One of the World’s Deadliest Animals in Australia

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Lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my! When I think of deadly animals, my mind conjures up images of big bad beasties like these. But I recently encountered on of the world’s deadliest animals, and it looked like it should be in a Finding Nemo movie and not the harbinger of death. I have a secret to reveal. When I first started to travel, New Zealand …

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Are Hostels Safe? And Should New Travelers Stay in Hostels?

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When you first start to travel, so many fears can pop into your head from getting robbed to missing flights to running out of money. And thanks to Hollywood horror films, hostels have been added to a list of things encouraged to fear, and for some, evoke images of kidnapping and torture. In general, most news you see on TV around the world is bad news, and most …

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The Time I thought I’d be robbed in Thailand

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Here’s an experience of my own in Thailand that stuck in my head for weeks, and an experience that should teach everyone a lesson. The gears of the rusted motorbike clanked as he up-shifted and changed lanes, cruising down the canal loop that rings the outside of Chiang Mai’s old town. I was clinging on to the back, jolting every time the gear changed and …

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Celebrating Songkran in Thailand, and Why I got Sick and Tired of it.

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  Have you ever heard of Songkran? If not, you’re missing out. Songkran is the biggest water gun battle in the world — imagine World War III but with squirt guns and ice-cold buckets of H2O. If you have partaken in this end-all-be-all New Year celebration or have seen evidence of this epicness, you know exactly what it entails. If it was so damn awesome, …

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Mis-adventures of travel: That time I was a stripper, sang karaoke in a whorehouse, got in a knife fight in Haiti, and more

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There I was…staring at the gray lint from the inside of my pocket with a peppering of beach sand, a beer bottle cap,  and twenty New Zealand dollars  in my palm — my bank account had a dismal twenty-six U.S. dollars in it. Reality came over me like a mule hind-kicking me in the gonads, I had completely run out of money in a foreign …

The Fight in my Hostel in Pai, Thailand

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There was a fight at my hostel tonight in Pai, Thailand. An older Scotsman (45ish) who has been staying at the hostel for the past 6 months has grown a kind of “I run this place” ego over every other traveler and backpacker, as well as grown a disdain for humankind — which usually seeps out after a few glasses of whiskey. He always loftily …

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Travel Misadventures.

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Welcome friends to the ongoing (mis)adventures of Ryan and his trusty chucks! Travel is filled with blissful moments of self discovery, awe-inspiring sights, nature to behold, awesome adventures, dances of extreme emotions, budding friendships, and exposure to amazing cultures around the world. Travel is also filed with epic fails. Admit it, we all do quite stupid things sometimes — and other times, the fates just …

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SOS! Stranded on the Caribbean Sea in Haiti.

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“Oh shit, is that bad?” I said, sitting up and eyes wide. It began with a slight pitter patter, which soon turned to a stuttering putter, which became a grinding ‘grrrrrrr’, which led to a finale with a ‘KINK CLUNK’, followed by silence. The propeller had stopped, and we were dead in the water in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. “Nah, we’re all good …

Mission Impossible: Escape From Flooded Toronto!

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It was when I was drying my chucks with hand dryers, whilst standing barefoot on paper towels so not to step foot in the nastiness that is the basement bathroom of Toronto’s bus station, when I knew it was going to be a long freakin’ night. Mother Nature can be a bitch sometimes, and she picked the night I was leaving on my bus back …