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Are Hostels Safe? And Should New Travelers Stay in Hostels?

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When you first start to travel, so many fears can pop into your head from getting robbed to missing flights to running out of money. And thanks to Hollywood horror films, hostels have been added to a list of things encouraged to fear, and for some, evoke images of kidnapping and torture. In general, most news you see on TV around the world is bad news, and most …

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Battling Hundreds of Emotions When You First Start Traveling

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Excitement. Fear. Elation. Anxiety. Euphoria. Hesitation. There are many words that can be used to describe the millions of emotions one experiences when traveling abroad for the first time, and when I first stepped foot into New Zealand — my first country ever, I experienced all of these and more.I’ve already stated that stepping onto my Air New Zealand plane and flying to the other …

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Lord of the Rings Tour Guide for International Travelers

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There are an obscene amount of things to do in New Zealand. However, there’s one particular attraction that has fascinated a number of international travelers over the years. Since the first Lord of the Rings movie was released in 2001, millions of people have flocked to see the scenes where the films were captured. J. R. R. Tolkien’s first three books turned movies (Fellowship of …

Weekly Photo Mojo: A Hammock and a Sunrise from New Zealand.

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Molten gold poured across a black sky, setting the dark afire. The hottest whites and blues roared out and across the view, consuming all of the black with the bright dawn. This was a sight from the woods where I had hung my hammock for the night. Peeking over my sleeping bag, I enjoyed a sunrise money couldn’t pay for, and sleeping for free with …

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What to do in Auckland – Escape from Queen Street!

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“I can’t wait to leave Auckland!“ This is a phrase often heard from other backpackers during the numerous times I was in Auckland. At first, they would be head-over-heels for the City of Sails, but after a week of two partying their faces off on Queen Street, they were “over it“. The City of Sails seems to always get a bad reputation for being all sorts …

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Weekly Photo Mojo: Pier out into the Sea from the Island of Waiheke.

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Like a path into the unknown, this pier that dipped into the glass green open waters of Waiheke Island in New Zealand is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. I look at it from time to time, and each time I do, it always inspires that wanderlust again. While traveling through New Zealand, places like these always made me stop and think of …

Best Ways to Get Around New Zealand for Backpackers

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New Zealand is known for a lot of things; Sheep lovin’ (according to Aussies), adrenaline sports, Lord of the Rings locations, an exciting warrior culture, and its diverse and ravishing natural beauty. But deep down at its heart, New Zealand has become a country made for travelers. The country boasts a wildly transient population, with 25% of the 4 million people in New Zealand being …

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St. John’s: Stunning Sights From Signal Hill.

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Two trains, two planes, and a combined 20hrs of traveling (not counting local buses and shuttles) I finally reached St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada! Rest? Rest is for the dead it seems, because the moment I arrived, it was already time to go exploring. Though I did feel quite dead from lack of sleep. Before embarking on an epic upcoming road-trip with three other travel bloggers(Candice, …

Weekly Photo Mojo: Auckland City from a Ferry in Freemans Bay

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Auckland, New Zealand every year celebrates itself in all it’s glory on the Monday that falls closest on January 29th. Known as the City of Sails, the city is surrounded by emerald waters and countless bays. While heading to the wine island of Weiheke, I took this photo from the ferry looking out over Freemans Bay at Auckland. The city holds New Zealand’s largest density …

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Wellington’s Wicked, Wild, and Wonderful Street Art

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I love street art and graffiti. I’m not talking about that rubbish amateur tagging, I mean the really good stuff. And in the Capital city of New Zealand, there was an endless buffet of gnarly street art to indulge in. Wellington was already on my list as one of my favorite cities in New Zealand for it’s history, architecture, liveliness. But there was a reason …

Weekly Photo Mojo: Woah, a Dragon Statue! Shit, BIG Mistake.

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It’s Monday again, and I felt you needed a chuckle from a pretty funny travel instance I had in New Zealand. When I say instance, I actually mean a REALLY big blonde travel moment. I happened to be wandering around Wellington aimlessly as I would most days, examining all of the interesting modern art and unique buildings that make up the wonderful capital. As I …

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My 5 Biggest Travel Regrets of 2012.

In All Topics, Featured, Lifestyle, Mis-Adventures, New Zealand, Personal by Ryan33 Comments

“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets” -Arthur Miller In life, I try to live with as little regrets as possible. My motto Live Gnarly stems directly from this practice — To wake each day and embrace the possibilities, to take every opportunity presented to do something epic, and to overall lead an awesome existence. But it doesn’t …

Weekly Photo Mojo: Swing Life Away in Doubtless Bay, New Zealand.

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This week’s injection of worldly beauty comes from Doubtless Bay. In the Northland of New Zealand where the wi-fi is scarce and beauty is rampant, there is a small town called Cooper’s Beach which many might pass by without a glance. Sure, the beach might catch your eye, but there is a hidden gem that many don’t know about. For two weeks, A two German …

Weekly Photo Mojo: New Zealand Stole my Travel Virginity

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Everyone is nervous their first time, right? I know I was. That “butterflies in the stomach” feeling you get as you wonder if it’ll be easy, if it’ll be magical. Well, let me tell you — upon entry, though it was a little rocky, it was quite glorious. Don’t feel the need to cue the Barry White music, I’m talking about losing my travel virginity …

A Chrismas Story: First Holiday Abroad.

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A golden sun beamed down from the bright blue sky, warming my face as I looked up smiling. It was Christmas day, and I was standing on a black sand beach basking in this delight, soaking in the fact that I was only in swim trunks and sunglasses. Why? Because it was my first time celebrating the Holidays abroad, and it was a stark contrast …