Feeding Fernweh: My Travel Plans for 2016

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The new year is here, and with it comes the call of new adventure and time to reveal my travel plans for 2016. Fernweh, that farsickness, my longing for faraway places — tugs so strong on my spirit. The end of 2015 it was so strong it was painful. 2015 was more of a transformational year, but 2016 is looking to be a transient and nomadic one packed full …

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Celebrating Holidays Abroad: Ups and Downs and Why I Spent Christmas Alone

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Celebrating holidays abroad can be one hell of a jolly time, and it can also be a solitary affair where you wrestle with the joy of travel and the ache for nostalgic tradition. This Christmas, for me, was just that.  his year I celebrated Christmas in Melbourne Australia. Unlike the past few Christmas’s that have come and gone while traveling, this one was more or less forgettable. …

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Battling Hundreds of Emotions When You First Start Traveling

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Excitement. Fear. Elation. Anxiety. Euphoria. Hesitation. There are many words that can be used to describe the millions of emotions one experiences when traveling abroad for the first time, and when I first stepped foot into New Zealand — my first country ever, I experienced all of these and more.I’ve already stated that stepping onto my Air New Zealand plane and flying to the other …