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Weekly Photo Mojo: New Orleans Expressed in One Picture.

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the United States for many reasons, and a few of them can be summed up by this one photo. As I was wandering the streets, my attention was suddenly drawn to a woman walking down the street. No, it wasn’t because my male instincts were checking her out (I’m sure she is very pretty) but it was the 1950’s style dress she wore. It suddenly felt as though I had time traveled. The French style architecture i the houses that lined… Read More

Travel Horror Story: Stumbled into a Haitian Crypt.

Unearthed skulls, slow burning candles dripping molten wax over the rough stone crypts, echoes through the hallowed corridors of chants in unison which called forth the god Bondyè. Peeking around one of the crypts, my stomach retreated into my ribcage like a scared pup cowering in its doghouse as I saw women and men swaying, shaking, and chanting. A goat, eyes glazed over with fear from the commotion, was pulled forward to a priestess adorned with a gold. Firelight dancing over the hammered metals she wore, and in her hand… Read More

Weekly Photo: The craziest object I’ve seen transported on a motorbike!

Hello folks! I’m your host Ryan Brown, and by golly do we have something to show you today! On today’s Just Chuckin’ it! travel gameshow is a contest of sheer resourcefulness as we see who can fit the craziest thing on a motorbike! And the winner is… *cue drumroll” Refrigerator balancing act on a motorbike! During my 10 days through Haiti, I saw some pretty wild shit. And MANY things transported by motorbike that most people can’t transport by car here in the states. Unless they were really determined and… Read More

Weekly Photo: Old Town Montreal from the Ground Up.

“In the morning the city spreads its wings, making a song in stone that sings. In the evening the city goes to bed hanging lights about its head.” – Langston Hughes (click to feel the city up close) Langston Hughes nailed it on the head with this poem, and this is exactly the feeling I got as we walked around Old Town Montreal. We had stepped out of the modern, bustling downtown and into the past. Aged cobble stone streets make you aware of every step you take, nearly forcing… Read More

In Photos: The Fantastical Lighthouses of Eastern Canada.

There is something oddly fascinating and magical about lighthouses, at least for me. Beacons of hope perched atop sea-swept cliffs or far-reaching jetties calling sailors home, or warning them of the imminent dangers that lay beneath the midnight blue water of night. Maybe I have a thing for lighthouses because I view them as a beacon for me as well, calling me from one point of the world to another. Leading me to another breath-taking view. Whatever it may be, I ended up at a few along the way while… Read More

St. John’s: Stunning Sights From Signal Hill.

Two trains, two planes, and a combined 20hrs of traveling (not counting local buses and shuttles) I finally reached St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada! Rest? Rest is for the dead it seems, because the moment I arrived, it was already time to go exploring. Though I did feel quite dead from lack of sleep. Before embarking on an epic upcoming road-trip with three other travel bloggers(Candice, Seattle, and Zak) to the Travel Blog Expo in Toronto, Candice has been showing us around much of her hometown of St. John’s. First thing… Read More

Weekly Photo: Sunning Sunrise over a New Orleans Cemetery.

As we creaked out of New Orleans on the Amtrak Crescent train, we happened to stop beside this massive cemetery just as the sun was crawling over the horizon and flooding through these above ground crypts. All I can say is – hauntingly beautiful. Recently I took a trip down to New Orleans for a wedding, and subsequently fell in love with this lively city. I was aching to visit the above ground crypts and vaults that New Orleans is known for, but unfortunately I didn’t have time while I… Read More

Haiti in Photos: Don’t Look! You Might Fall in Love.

Well, it’s too late now. You have crossed the threshold. There is no going back. But who says you’ll want to? After seeing some of these images of Haiti, you may want to rush over to the nearest airport and catch the first flight over to the caribbean. That’s right, I said you’ll want to travel to Haiti. Actually, these photos may make you want to have a love affair with the Pearl. I’ve already discussed in a previous post about my preconceived notions of Haiti (and everybody else’s) via… Read More

Weekly Photo: Peek into a Haitian Paradise from a Boat

Is there anything more awesome than cruising through the ocean in a leaky boat towards a paradise island? After a few days living under the sun near in Labadee, Haiti, it was time to get off our sand covered beach bums and explore. We paid a boat taxi a few extra hundred Haitian Gourdes to break his route and take us around to some of the other surrounding islands. This is my rad view I had perched at the tip of the boat as we put-putted around islands that looked… Read More

Weekly Photo: Shimmering Boats in Labadee, Nord, Haiti.

As the sun was retreating beyond the distant mountains, we pulled up to the beach of Labadee, Nord, Haiti. Sunlight danced and shimmered on the water with the silhouettes of boats rocking with the tide. Decorated with bright (though faded) colors and verses from the bible, the rickety and leaky wooden boats await on the shore to scurry passengers of to beaches close-by. Beaches not Labadee. Labadee is leased by Royal Caribbean and nobody except tourists from the ship are allowed. No matter, these took us to a much more beautiful and… Read More

Weekly Photo: La Citadelle – This Massive Fortress is in Haiti?!

You can imagine my surprise when this castle reared its epic face out from the palm trees as I clip-clopped along a cobble road on a scrawny horse. “Holy shit!“ Yes, this was my reaction when I got the first glimpse of La Citadelle. A massive ancient fortification perched atop a mountain overlooking the countryside near the small town of Milot. This sandstone fortress, also known as “Citadelle Henry Christophe”, was commissioned by a King of Haiti in 1805 to hold the Northern territory against possible French invasion. And this… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: Washington Monument in the Haze.

On a windswept winters day while wandering Washington D.C. I paused to admire the giant obelisk that is one of our most well-known national monuments. The haze was thick enough to blot out the sun, and it looked as if the tree’s skeleton silhouette was grasping it. Weekly Photo Mojo is about stimulating your cortex with retina rupturing and awe-inspiring photos from around the world to help you reach Terminal Vicariosity (The point where the mind reaches maximum capacity from living vicariously through someone else, and chooses to start actually… Read More

Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln! Fun Facts, Best Quotes, and Memorial Photos

Hey Abe, it’s your 203rd birthday! Try not to look so excited good sir. Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, 16th President of the United States of America. When this gnarly dude wasn’t chopping down trees, slaying vampires, attending top-hat parties, giving his honest opinions, or growing EPIC beards, he was saving the Union’s ass during the Civil war and fighting for African American’s much deserved rights. Chya. If Lady Liberty had a swiss army knife for the United States, its Honest freakin’ Abe right here.  So, in honor of America’s… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: Grand Army of the Republic Memorial – D.C.

Recently on a cold January day in Washington D.C. I came across this memorial while wandering the city with my good friend. We had been discussing our upcoming trip to Haiti (more on that to come) when the aged bronze and the stone obelisk caught my eye. A Civil War memorial for the Grand Army of the Republic, a group founded by Dr. Benjamin F. Stephenson in 1866 for veteran Union soldiers after the American civil war ended. The GAR became an advocacy voice for black American’s voting rights and… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: Auckland City from a Ferry in Freemans Bay

Auckland, New Zealand every year celebrates itself in all it’s glory on the Monday that falls closest on January 29th. Known as the City of Sails, the city is surrounded by emerald waters and countless bays. While heading to the wine island of Weiheke, I took this photo from the ferry looking out over Freemans Bay at Auckland. The city holds New Zealand’s largest density of people at 1 million+ and is actually one-third of the entire country’s population of 4 million. Piercing the fluffy white clouds is Auckland’s famous… Read More

Wellington’s Wicked, Wild, and Wonderful Street Art

I love street art and graffiti. I’m not talking about that rubbish amateur tagging, I mean the really good stuff. And in the Capital city of New Zealand, there was an endless buffet of gnarly street art to indulge in. Wellington was already on my list as one of my favorite cities in New Zealand for it’s history, architecture, liveliness. But there was a reason I would spend hours wandering aimlessly about the city; through alleyways, backstreets, to the tops of buildings (if I could gain access). It was for… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: Fiery Inaugural Sunrise Over the Capital Building.

On the frigid morning of Monday January 21st, 2013, the sky was set aflame by the rising sun as it climbed over the horizon. It was bone-chilling and all our breath dissipated about in the sky as we shivered and huddled together like Antarctic penguins trying to stay warm. It was a big day, the day United States President Barack Obama would be sworn into office for a second term. As we struggled to keep our spirits high for the occasion, this dazzling sunrise brought a brief, but much-needed sense of… Read More

In Photos: Historic Union Station, Washington DC

Lately I have been raving about the new purchase of my first ever DSLR camera. My just received Canon Rebel T4i and we had our first date with a stroll around Union Station. Union Station has always been a symbol of my transient lifestyle, and even marked the start of my journey to New Zealand. What better place to test out my new baby than the largest, busiest, and most beautiful train station in Washington DC. Opened in 1907, the station features architecture consisting of marble, white granite, and gold leaf… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: Swing Life Away in Doubtless Bay, New Zealand.

This week’s injection of worldly beauty comes from Doubtless Bay. In the Northland of New Zealand where the wi-fi is scarce and beauty is rampant, there is a small town called Cooper’s Beach which many might pass by without a glance. Sure, the beach might catch your eye, but there is a hidden gem that many don’t know about. For two weeks, A two German backpackers, a Canadian, and I slept in this hidden cove with no electronics or communication; just this gorgeous sight every morning. To get here, you… Read More