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WARNING: The following moving images transmitted to your brain may cause sudden urges to give the middle finger to the corporate world, partake and “irresponsible” acts of pure joy, and run off to distant lands.

TV will rot your brain, so step away from the boobtube and feast your eyes on these mind tantalizing, cortex stimulating Travel Videos.

Sit tight, shut up, and enjoy the show!

Rated E for Epic

10 Beautiful Days in Haiti  

 Video Confession: Running out of Money in a Foreign Country                         Epic FAIL: Backflip in Whangarei Falls, New Zealand.


Video Message from the Dead: Start Living Today.

To read the post which inspired this video, check out Death: My Travel Inspiration.




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Video Message from the Dead: Start Living Today.

Here is a very VERY personal video message that I recorder while visiting my Father’s gravestone this December on his birthday.

I recorded this video after writing a letter to him of things I never got to say to him before he passed. While writing this, I was struck with a sudden sense of understanding about my own life, what I want to get out of it, and how precious ever second of every day is.

I’m sharing this with you today because I feel it may offer you some encouragement, strength, and inspiration if you have been in similar life situations.

If you haven’t yet, read the post I had written about this previously to give you a little more insight into why Death Inspires me to Travel.

Video Message From The Dead: Start Living Today.