Celebrating Songkran Thailand 2019: Travel Video

Happy Songkran everyone! The new year celebrations of Songkran Thailand 2019 have just finished up a couple of weeks ago and I was in the country to celebrate that wild and wonderful holiday.

Songkran is one of the world’s biggest and craziest water festivals in the world, similar to Myanmar’s Thingyan festival which I’ve also celebrated in the past. It marks the Buddhist new year for the Lunar Calendar and is a celebration that lasts three or more days. Thousands of people take to the streets and throw water all over each other along with parades, partying, and Buddhist ceremonies.

Check out the Songkran Thailand 2019 video below to see exactly what this water festival is like and let me know if it’s a celebration you’d want to attend!


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  1. Emily Jonhson September 20, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    I love the idea of traveling to Thailand, since I saw the video of I Got U, I was amazed by its beaches, attractions and events that take place.


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