Converge Collection: The Ultimate Weekend Getaway System

Weekend getaways have become essential for maintaining excellent physical and mental health. An escape from the boredom and stress of the work week requires 48 hours of freedom, which is not fully experienced unless you can change locations and mindsets. No matter your reason for a weekend retreat, having the right luggage for the situation is crucial to ensuring your Saturday and Sunday do not end up as overstuffed and tiresome as the other five days of the week.

But how do you make packing for the venture not cut into your time away? Also, what about looking for items once you have made the trip? Having the right set of bags for your weekend retreats is vital for maximizing your relaxation time and not cutting into your fun.

You may be into the ease and versatility of a backpack, which is a widespread favorite for travelers and school students alike. If you are a fan of packing everything into a backpack, check out Eagle Creek’s Backpack Buying Guide, which will give you a comprehensive list of details to compare when choosing the perfect backpack for your travels. But, if you think you will need to pack more clothes, shoes, and more than will fit in a lone backpack, you will want to check out Eagle Creek’s Converge Collection, a line of outdoor- and travel-ready bags and packing accessories sure to make your life easier.

Eagle Creek’s Converge Collection has everything you need to allow your weekends to be fun, relaxing, and worry-free. It is based off of Eagle Creek’s original design of an outdoor aesthetic, which has transformed into travel luggage that maintains its rugged original design with a more appealing allure.

Specifically made for weekend ventures, the Converge™ Weekend Set utilizes multiple bags to fulfill several needs. The set includes the Converge Weekend Bag, Pack-It Converge™ Cube S, Cube M, 2-Sided Cube, Toiletry Cube and Garment Sleeve. Each is uniquely tailored for a role within the greater packing needs of the weekend getaway individual. Not only are these bags manufactured for ideal two-day trips, but they are also designed to work together. All Pack-It™ pieces conveniently fit together to create a seamless system of luggage that can be stored within the Converge Weekend Bag.

The Weekend Bag truly is a do-it-all. Small enough to be considered a carry-on, it still has ample storage for all of your essentials; there is even a laptop compartment that can fit up to a 17” computer within its padded walls. Internal compression straps help secure all of your items safely and securely during the rigorous expeditions (expected or not). The bag is lined with a water-repellent fabric in addition to the water-repellent Bi-Tech™ bottom that makes it virtually weatherproof.

One of the first items you will want to pack in your Weekend Bag is the Pack-It Converge™ Toiletry Cube. Ideal for all of your bathroom essentials, the toiletry cube continues the water-repellent design. It also has six pockets for multiple ways to sub-categorize your toiletries. You can even place the bag upright on the countertop for easy use in every bathroom.

A bag that will not be packed far away from the toiletry cube is the garment sleeve. It is structured and designed to prevent something we all hate: wrinkles. This tri-folded clothing bag features foam rollers to help prevent them. Once you have landed, a dual hang loop has room for two hangers. You have the ability to compress your clothing, keep wrinkles to a minimum, and then hang them all with the help of the garment sleeve.

The last two bags you can utilize with the weekend set are the Pack-It Converge™ 2-Sided Cube and the Pack-It Converge™ Compression Cube (small or medium sizes are available). The 2-sided cube is unique because of its dual compartment design that is ideal for shoes (up to a men’s size 9) or separating dirty and clean clothes. There is an interior divider that allows contents of the bag to remain separate while sharing the same flexible space. As with many of the other bags in the series, the 2-sided cube is made out of water-repellent material for when you have items that are damp and need to be kept away from other luggage. Finally, there are two sizes of compression cubes that can be used within the weekend set. These cubes feature a compression zipper to shrink socks, underwear and other items into a more manageable size.

Eagle Creek produced a set of convertible bags that truly perform for weekend getaways. They have even found a way to implement some of the outdoor roots into the weekend bag – it has zip-away padded backpack straps that will have you ready to hit the trail once you have reached your destination. If you prefer carrying the bag more like traditional luggage, a shoulder strap and quick-grab handle provide you with multiple options for holding your bag.

So if you are looking for a set of bags specifically designed for 2-3 days away from home, the solution you need is Eagle Creek’s Converge Series. The weekend set stands apart from traditional luggage. It is rugged enough for nearly every situation, but sophisticated and organized for business getaways. Most importantly, they will help you stay organized so you can focus tasks more important – or relaxing – than trying to find your toothbrush.

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