Delhi, the historic capital of India, is one of the liveliest and most colorful destinations in the world. So much so that it can feel overwhelming at first arrival given the sheer amount of sensory stimulation hitting you from all directions.

Your eyes widen and rapidly glance back and forth trying to keep up with the fascinating visuals of life. Your nose will be drawn in a million different directions to the enchanting scents of Indian cuisine. Your tastebuds will be dancing in delight at the vibrant and unique flavors of the foods you’ll try.

This, combined with the cultures and history on display, makes it the perfect place to get a taste of the best of what India has to offer and a great base in order to explore India’s most amazing destinations outside of Delhi.

So where should you visit while based in Delhi?

Visit New Delhi

The epicenter of culture, flavor, history, and local life, New Delhi is the best place to base yourself in while you wander the capital to get a feel for and a taste of everything. The street food is a favorite, and you could spend an entire week alone here sampling the variety of snacks and meals up for grabs and still not have tried everything. A foodie’s heaven.

Visit Raipur

For a rich dive into culture and handmade crafts, the town of Raipur is the perfect place to visit. Surrounded by many lakes, this beautiful destination is also famous for a first-hand view of industries like furniture making and loom-weaving. Delhi to Raipur and Raipur to Delhi flights are extremely reasonably priced, making visiting this captivating place easy to fit into any itinerary.

Visit Agra

One cannot visit India without seeing the awe-inspiring complex of the Taj Mahal in its full glory. This ornate and massive mausoleum was built for the late wife of a Mughal ruler with white marble intricately carved and inlaid with precious stones behind an enormous reflecting pool. There is a noise ordinance in place for many city blocks, so you can take in the grandeur of the Taj Mahal in profound silence. A definite must for history and architecture buffs.

A view of the Taj Mahal and refelcting pool in India with nearly nobody around and a man stares out at the beauty.

Visit Jaipur

The capital of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a vibrant city that is bound to capture your imagination. Known as “Pink City” because of the bright pink buildings and elegant architecture, you can spend hours getting lost while finding opulent and exquisite palaces, hidden gardens, and museums.

Visit Jodhpur

The brightly colored city of Jodhpur is one of the most popular destinations in Rajasthan for its architecture and history. Known also as “Blue City” for its sprawling cityscape with many of the buildings painted a vibrant pastel blue, it also features Mehrangarh Fort, a 15th-century former palace set atop a rocky outcrop watching over the labyrinth of alleyways filled with markets selling anything you can imagine and more.

A child stands against a faded blue painted wall in the famous "blue city" of Jodhpur India, staring at the camera, with a rusty bike nearby.

These reasons and more make Delhi the perfect base for exploring the best of India, with easy access to transportation all over the country.

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