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It’s been assembled! If you are looking for inspiration to start traveling the world, what better way than to see how others did it! This page is a gathering of the most enthralling, informative, eye-catching, hilarious, and inspiring travel blogs the world has ever known. Or at least they are my favorites. These individuals have fought through the gauntlet to chase their dreams of travel with such badassitude that it’ll make you want to kick yourself in the ass for not traveling sooner.

*List updated February, 2019 — Ongoing changes will come to this list.*

Have a travel blog or have a favorite one you read? Make sure to comment below and share!


A small-town Ohio girl trying to balance a “normal” life of job, friends and family with an unquenchable lust for travel. Met Amanda at TBEX in Toronto and again for a beer in Thailand. Her articles make travel seem even more magical.

Chris and his magnificent ginger beard are drinking, romancing, and teaching their way around the world trying to have a life less ordinary. I haven’t had the pleasure to meet this red-bearded fellow yet, but his articles are funny and inspirational.

Kristin is a former investment banker who sold everything and bid the life she knew goodbye in favor of adventuring around the world! It was awesome to finally meet Kristen in Chiang Mai for a big Chang beer after fighting an insane rain storm.

Candice Walsh is a Professional Experience Collector and full-time inventor of new job titles that don’t make much sense. After reading her blog forever, a group of us met to take on Canada on a crazy road trip from her hometown in Newfoundland. [icon type=”suitcase”][/column]

Hannah & Adam  an American couple who decided the normal life was just too normal. They packed into a backpack to travel the globe. We all have hung out on multiple occasions in TBEX and Thailand and doing battle together during Songkran in Thailand!

Matt is a typical Gen-X professional who has a passion for all things travel and his site brings a unique perspective. He’s an intelligent writer whom I’ve met at TBEX and had the pleasure of slamming beers back with.

With a severe case of wanderlust, Leah lives by the motto, “Life’s too short to live with a someday mentality.” She’s a southern gal with a killer smile and a fun luxury blog. I ran into her finally at TBEX and all I can say is she’s awesome.

Look for the man with the red hair and a camera in hand. A travel blogger and YouTuber who has been globe-trotting for almost a decade. I have yet to meet him, but his photos are phenomenal and he is always creating new travel videos.

Clelia is a feisty Italian blogger and traveler with a big focus on Sardinia. She wants to show you that no matter what your age is, or your budget, or your status — you can travel and live your life on your own terms.[/column]

An account of his life after he liquidated everything to travel the world indefinitely and find a new home in his favorite places on earth. Rob is a cool cat who I was able to run into while attending TBEX, and is always posting great travel content. [icon type=”smile-o”][/column]

Audrey is the girl who wants more stamps on her passport. She’s slowly but surely working her way around the world, usually in search of markets, street food, jungles and beaches. Her articles are in depth and extensive, and photos are great![/column]

A hopeless travel addict and permanent nomad, Derek quit his IT job to travel the world way back in March of 2009. Derek is an awesome guy and great blogger who I have traveled with in the past, and completed the Rickshaw Run April 2015!

Nellie is a professional travel writer and editor with an eye for adventure and a love for the unknown. Her travel blog has a focus on adventure travel, created to inspire others to get off the conventional trail and seek out extraordinary experiences.

Dale and Franca are an Angloitalian couple who’ve travelled the world since 2012. Follow them as they travel the world and share everything we experience and learn about slow & budget travel along the way, with a huge focus on vegan travel and housesitting.


Lola’s Travels — Hoping to push her exploration to new limits and go places she hasn’t been before. All with a feather boa!

Mallory On Travel — Modern day adventurist and ex-adrenalin junkie. Now getting kicks from culture and cocktails.

Mellyboo Project — Melissa is a Canadian gal with a mission to live on her own terms and exploring every last inch of the world.

Never-Ending Footsteps — Lauren is a twenty-something girl who is travelling around the world forever using Never Ending Footsteps to write about how not to travel.

Nomadic American — Heather, a twenty-something Marylander, is traveling her way around China while teaching English.

Off the Path Travel Story — Alex is a traveler who believes in the value of going off the path while contributing to local economies & engaging in responsible tourism.

Pack Your Passport — Beverly has been living, working, and traveling round the world since 2010! Showing you how to, just don’t forget to pack your passport!

Reclaiming My Future — Toni is learning how to change her life & become happy through travel. In taking her journey, she hopes to inspire you to take yours.

Rexy Adventures — Rexy tells you his Edventures on his travels round the world and backpacking in Britain.

Spark Punk — Zak’s first foray into human flight was at age of six. He fell like a rock, but his head remained in the clouds. He’s been brainstorming since.

Tribologist — Jim has lived in South Korea for 2 year, and traveled extensively throughout the world, providing you tips so you can too!

Wanderista — Ex-beauty/fashion editor who left her job and life in New York to travel the world: 11 months, 20 countries, zero regrets. So far.

Where in the World is Nina — Nina Ragusa is a girl from Florida who always knew she wanted to see the world growing up. Now, she lives the epitome of a nomadic expat lifestyle, having visited 35+ countries.

Yomadic — After flipping a coin for a corporate lifestyle or life of travel, Nate is using every cent to travel the planet in it’s entirety, giving you the raw experience.

YTravel Blog — Caz, Craig, and family are all about helping YOU to get inspired and get informed to go travel, and travel more often.[/column]

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What are some of your favorite travel blogs? Have a blog, share below and let’s swap!


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