Ever since I was a wee little boy, Italy was the country I dreamed of seeing over everything else. It was probably the badass gladiatorial culture that fascinated me as a youngin’ but as I got older it was the history and impact on the world that drew my curiosity. I never thought I would see it, like it was a fantasy place from movies. But after I had to leave Thailand because of the military coup, Italy was my first choice to visit. Over the course of a month on and off I explored Italy, sometimes flat broke and scraping for cash, and other times on an inclusive tour with other bloggers. Here are some of the adventures.

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10 Days of Paradise in Italy
From eating bread and ketchup completely broke in Rome, to a 10 day tour with a group of awesome travel blogger, I find myself swept away seeing and eating the best Italy has to offer. Come explore Rome, Umbria, Tuscany, and Ponza Island.

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A Surprise at Campo Dalto Villa
Sometimes unexpected things happen when you reach a place. After a long late night drive from Rome to Umbria, I arrived at the Villa Campo Dalto under a full moon. Here would be my base for 3 days, and I didn’t think it would be like this.

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Frontone Beach Villa on Ponza Island
After a 2 hour train ride from Umbria to Formia, and a 3 hour long ferry ride, we finally arrived in Ponza Island. We took a tiny van around the treacherous cliff roads to our accommodation for the week, Frontone Beach Villa, and I was in love.

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Il Fontanaro Organic Estate in Umbria
Il Fontanaro estate in Umbria Italy is a place of passion and care when it comes to growing olives and grapes, and more so with hospitality. For the first few days of our 10 day tour of Italy, much time would be spent here learning Italian traditions.

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Tantalizing Food Tour of Ponza
Once upon a time I could have been considered the pickiest eater alive. On Ponza Island in Italy we toured restaurants and tried some of the best seafood I’ve ever tasted. From octopus to calamari, anchovies to oyster. Warning, you may drool.

Photo Jan 05, 5 53 09 PM
Video: Exploring Ancient caves in Ponza
Penza Island is unique geographically for the rock compositions and formations that make up this beautiful island. Settled by the Etruscans,  caves and underwater passageways create fascinating labyrinths hidden around, and I take you there.


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