I am super freakin’ excited to announce the April Issue of Travel Longer Magazine featuring yours truly, and a way YOU can get a subscription for free!

Badass, I know. Free things make us all want to do a little happy jig.

Articles have been few and far between for the past month on this blog, and as much as it bums me out, it was for good reason.

A 2,500 word good reason.


Excerpt: “It seems like just yesterday I was sitting by a fire playing my harmonica with a pot smoking Canadian, a hippie German, and his peace-and-love skeptic girlfriend.  Our world at that moment was made up of lazy days under a warm sun napping in hammocks.”

When Travel Longer, an up-and-coming Travel Magazine (iPad only, sorry!) asked me to write about my experience in New Zealand, I was super stoked. There are so many articles and adventures that were lost when my files on my host server were lost, and so many adventures that I have yet to tell.

This article on Travel Longer is a Whirlwind Exposé of my entire journey through The Land Of The Long White Cloud. Featuring the unbelievable feelings as the trip came to fruition, facing my fear of the unknown and getting in a car with random backpackers for a trip to the Northland, how a naked ninja lead me to a sponsored trip across the country to write as a plastic camel (that right there should be enough to get you to read it!), and all the eye-gasmic imagery of New Zealand you can handle.

Oh, and I reveal just what make New Zealand so special. And it isn’t the natural beauty or the extreme sports.

This month’s issue also features some of the most gnarly travel writers and photographers around the globe including:

Featured Photographer Extraordinaire: Ken Kaminesky (@KenKaminesky)

Travel Expert: Just Travelous (@JustTravelous)

Adventures in a Pink Car by Mariella Carimini & Silvia Gattardi (@donnealvolante)

Stunning Travel Time-lapse video by Kien Lan (@kiendlam)

Jump For Joy Photo Project by Eyoälha Baker (@jumpforjoyphoto)

AND How to Capture the Northern Lights by Karl Johnston (Facebook.com/KarlJohnstonPhoto)


How To Get Your FREE 3 Month Subscription

(and check out my article!)

Step 1: Search in the App store of Newsstand for “Travel Longer” and download.

Step 2: Open app and tap “Subscriptions”

Step 3: Tap “Current Subscribers” and enter in the code – culture.

If you need more help or info, head over to Travel Longer Magazine here: http://travellonger.com/code

Again, this is only available on the iPad at the moment, so if you have one, read it and check out these other gnarly travelers! =)



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