For years now I’ve said I would start vlogging, and for years I have put it off. But I have FINALLY made my first (official) vlog ever and I’m pretty stoked to share it with you.

Why have I been putting off vlogging for so long? This is a topic I want to go much more in-depth on a separate blog post about it, but in short, I lacked the confidence. I didn’t have the confidence to show myself on video, and I judged myself too much against other people’s work.

That can really set you back in any industry, especially one you are trying to work your way into more.

Eventually, I got fed up with biting my nails and over-thinking everything and decided once and for all that I was going to do it, and here it is!

In this travel vlog, talk a little bit about making my first vlog, and show you some of the amazing travel moments and destinations that I experienced in 2018. Hope you enjoy and would love if you subscribed and commented!


What do you think of the first travel vlog?

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