Travel Videos

WARNING: The following moving images transmitted to your brain may cause sudden urges to give the middle finger to the corporate world, partake and “irresponsible” acts of pure joy, and run off to distant lands.

TV will rot your brain, so step away from the boobtube and feast your eyes on these mind tantalizing, cortex stimulating Travel Videos.

Sit tight, shut up, and enjoy the show!

Rated E for Epic

10 Beautiful Days in Haiti  

 Video Confession: Running out of Money in a Foreign Country                         Epic FAIL: Backflip in Whangarei Falls, New Zealand.


Video Message from the Dead: Start Living Today.

To read the post which inspired this video, check out Death: My Travel Inspiration.




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  • Derek
    Posted June 22, 2013

    Your videos are better than mine hehehe…I’m trying to work on that tho. Really regretting the fact that I accepted a Flip HD 720p video camera (in Craigslist trade while selling all my possessions) instead of just breaking down and buying a GoPro. The shots of my bobbing, weaving, diving, and flying through this crazy Indonesian traffic alone would have been worth the cost!!

    • JustChuckinIt
      Posted June 25, 2013

      Aw Derek, you should have waited and gone for the GoPro…they are AWESOME! But te audio is rubbish. Thanks for the compliment dude, still working on getting the Vlogging down myself.

  • Katie
    Posted June 23, 2013

    Well, shit. Now I’m crying over coffee at 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday. Have you read “The Power of Now”? It resonates with the message in your last video – about how to live in the present, rather than suffering through memories of the past or the desire for a “better” future. About how to escape a mindset that traps us in times that don’t exist. It’s pretty Matrixy.

    “I can show you what happens when you *don’t* do the best things.” <– Love the optimism, dude.

    • JustChuckinIt
      Posted June 25, 2013

      I haven’t read that yet Katie, will definitely be checking it out. And sorry to make you cry on a Sunday morning! But that quote is amazing, totally resonates with me, and thank you for the kind words 🙂

    • Katie
      Posted June 26, 2013

      Haha probably because it’s your quote. 😉

      • JustChuckinIt
        Posted June 27, 2013

        Haha, well I forgot I said that. It was hard to watch that video afterwards so I didn’t know I happened to say a pretty good quote impromptu 😛

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