La Citdelle Haiti

It has been nearly 4 months since I traveled to what was once The Pearl of the Caribbean to film a documentary, and now I’m going to revisit my trip and tell you all about it.

A lot happened on that trip, a lot of which I didn’t expect. There were perspectives shattered. There were heart breaking scenes. There were uplifting moments. And there were landscapes more beautiful than I had ever witnessed.

Many times unbelievable. But it was real. Those untouched beaches…those sprawling mountains…The food!

This month I’ll be taking a mental trip back to Ayiti, The Pearl, and telling you all of the experiences, stories and mis-adventures. I have hundreds of gigabytes of photos and videos from exploring North to South, and I am über excited to show you just what Haiti is all about.

There will be other posts peppered in throughout the month, but the focus is on showing you what I saw finally.

To whet your Caribbean appetite and begin your journey to understanding a very misunderstood country, below are the articles I’ve posted thus far.

Be warned, your preconceived notions will be rocked, and you may just start to ignore travel warnings and see the country for yourself.

Are you ready? Haiti is coming.

To Haiti, With Love, to Film a Documentary
Home From Haiti – This Contrast May Kill Me.
Haiti Travel Advice: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.
Haiti in Photos – Don’t Look! You Might Fall In Love.
Video: 10 Beautiful Days Around Haiti.

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