Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln! Fun Facts, Best Quotes, and Memorial Photos

Abraham Lincoln

Hey Abe, it’s your 203rd birthday! Try not to look so excited good sir.

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, 16th President of the United States of America.

When this gnarly dude wasn’t chopping down trees, slaying vampires, attending top-hat parties, giving his honest opinions, or growing EPIC beards, he was saving the Union’s ass during the Civil war and fighting for African American’s much deserved rights.

Chya. If Lady Liberty had a swiss army knife for the United States, its Honest freakin’ Abe right here. 

So, in honor of America’s most dapper badass in history, I have prepared some of his awesome quotes as well as photos from his memorial in Washington D.C.

Abraham Lincoln Quote

Pretty inspirational word’s right there huh? Definitely a quote that I live by every day.

Lincoln Memorial from the Reflecting pool

Lincoln’s Memorial in the distance. The reflecting pool looking a little run down while under construction a previous summer. Trust me, it looks just like it did in Forest Gump now.

Lincoln Memorial

Up close, tourists clamor up the marble steps to get a peek at the badass himself.

Abe Lincoln Quote

My motto for my daily life. Whatever job or activity I am doing, I try to be a rockstar at it. Everything is an extension of myself and a choice I make, so why not be the best damn person I can at all time. Wise words from the Great Bearded One.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

The big man himself, forever keeping a watchful eye over the freedoms of the people. If things get too much worse in the USA, I could imagine him getting out of his comfy chair and taking an axe to these corrupt politicians!

Abraham Lincoln

Just Chuckin’ it with Abraham Lincoln. Looks like he is rocking some old-school chucks as well! (I got strange looks as I tried to take this photo).

Lincoln Quote

Washington Monument

Abe’s view for eternity isn’t too shabby huh?

This is looking out of the memorial over Washington D.C. The Washington Monument has always been rumored to be the hiding place of the Holy Grail, brought over by the vikings and protected by the Freemasons. Well, Abraham Lincoln DID apply to be one, but withdrew it after deciding to run for President so it wouldn’t seem he had a political ruse. Interesting… (cue the suspense music)

Now for some…

Fun Facts about Abraham Lincoln

  • Was actually known for his epic beard, I wasn’t lying! He was the first President to rock a beard in office!
  • Another thing Lincoln may have been: Psychic. He totally dreamt of his death right before it happened. Talk about a bad dream.
  • Abe was so badass that he thought a President should lead by example and fight in the Civil War. Believing his role in the Capital running the country was MUCH more important, a brave gent named J. Summerfield Staples volunteered to fight in his place.
  • He was a giant! At 6 feet 4 inches, he is the tallest President. I’m jealous…
  • He stored things in that nifty top-hat of his like letters and documents. Kinda’ like an old-school backpacker huh?

And the creeeeeeepy Kennedy/Lincoln assassination coincidences.

    • Both men were shot in the head on a Friday.
    • Lincoln and Kennedy were elected to Congress 100 years apart. Lincoln was elected in 1846, Kennedy was elected in 1946.
    • Lincoln and Kennedy were elected to the presidency 100 years apart. Lincoln was elected in 1860, Kennedy was elected in 1960.
    • Both men’s successors were named Johnson. Lincoln’s was Andrew Johnson, Kennedy’s was Lyndon Johnson.
    • Andrew Johnson was born in 1808 while Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908, another 100 year difference.
    • Both men were assassinated by men who were known by three names. Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.
    • The names Lincoln and Kennedy both contain seven letters.
    • The names of their assassins contain fifteen letters.
    • Lincoln was shot in a theater named Ford, Kennedy was shot in a car (a Lincoln) made by Ford.

Epic Badass Abraham Lincoln

Pretty much how the American Civil War was won.

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