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<< Lost Boy’s Note >>

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast week was a tough one for me emotionally and mentally for many reasons. It was my 28th birthday, and typically birthdays are a joyous occasion, but I was overall a grump. And not just a grump, my emotions swung from confusion, to depression, to anger as well. It has become a tradition for me over the past few years to use my birthday as a date of transformation and transition, and 3 out of the 4 years since I left the United States in 2011 (besides the one where I ended up in jail) I’ve arrived in a foreign country. And maybe like that bad one mentioned above that I’d like to wipe out, the reason I was so miserable was because I wasn’t en-route somewhere. Instead, I was here in Melbourne and I had to work that day. I fueled the anger inside me all day that I was at a restaurant instead of traveling, but I think the worst part was knowing that even if I wasn’t waiting tables on my birthday, I’d be celebrating alone anyway.

Yes, I had a pity party. But it’s my own fault really.

I came to Australia to replenish my dusty and empty wallet so I could go on another big trip. India and the Rickshaw Run had turned out to be more costly than expected, paired with the fact that I didn’t receive the whole deposit back for our pristine returned ricky, I needed some income fast. While traveling India, I received sign after sign that Melbourne should be the place I settle for a bit because it was “the coolest city to live in“. That statement is true in many aspects, but since then I’ve treated Melbourne only as my place of work, it has nearly become Washington DC for me. You see, the only time I go back to Washington DC is to work and save up fast, and I’m miserable there otherwise. I can’t stand living there besides my friends and family saving my sanity of course. Then I get to, after the 6-9 months of waiting tables, go away for a year. This year before leaving for India, I vowed to escape that mindless grind and finally turn my passion into my career — to give up waiting tables for good.

Yet, here I was on my birthday waiting tables.

Yes, Melbourne is in another country and technically I am traveling. And there is a ton I love about the city from the quirky café to hidden alleyway bars to overall beauty of it. But I’ve been treating Melbourne like DC, and focusing solely on working and saving. Thus is why I haven’t really made an effort to branch out and make new friends, or explore more. Though I did go out for a few drinks on my birthday with a friend I met in Thailand, I still felt down. It’s important for me to save up for a new big adventure, but it’s also important to enjoy my time here as well. So I’m going to try and make a point of that. To get out and explore when I have time off. To not let frustration overpower my happiness. To not think I have to make this ticking clock income happen because what I’ve come to know is that I’ve always been able to make an adventure out of any amount of money. 

I haven’t been focusing on my health the past month or two either. After I arrived in Melbourne, I spent 2 months recovering from health issues after India and was on a roll with recovery, with eating healthy, and with fitness. Then I flipped my bike and crushed my hand. I haven’t been to the gym since, and it was as if that was reason to throw all of the other things out the window. Without me being active daily and eating healthy, my energy was falling. All of that affects my mood and emotions negatively, and paired with the feelings I’ve been having lately was not a good mix. So this week I started back at the gym and focusing on waking early to work out and write. And my mood has definitely approved. As much as it might seem like a hassle or something of “normal life” routine, fitness and health is really important while traveling. 

What about savings for travel?

After all of that talk about work affecting my mood in a negative way, I hadn’t even been putting a ton of money away either. But this month I changed my spending habits, and for November I already put away $2,000. And to top that off since I’ve been writing on the blog again, attention has been growing around it enough for me to have some recent partnerships come through and paid writing as well!

Overall, I have to remember that money is a tool for travel and not to consume myself with worrying over it. If I work but stay happy, the universe will bring forth opportunities and soon enough I’ll be back on the road.

<< Travel News >>

It sucks that your birth date will now be remembered for the Paris attack” a friend said to me on my birthday.

This week, the world was rocked by news of terrorist attacks in Paris as well as the almost ignored attacks in Beirut. Combined, these attacks killed hundreds and left hundreds more severely injured. In the wake of it all, I saw posts showing mixed emotions of fear and hatred, of sadness and confusion, and of unity and strength. For one who doesn’t watch the news often, I couldn’t help see every TV or newspaper telling of the tragedy. Facebook profiles popped up with French colors and Instagram flooded with Eiffel Tower photos. On one hand it was a show of unity in a moment of tragedy, but on the other it showed how Beirut bombings were much ignored and many of the other tragedies around the world go ignored. It was great to see people showing their support, but also was a view into how much of the Western world overlooks things until it hits home. All the while, places in the world, including many governors in US states, want to close borders to those in need.

NOTE: I am not a fear monger nor do I enjoy politics, so I won’t get into that on the blog. But here are some articles that stuck out this week on the topic and recent events and other lighter topics as well. By no means will I ever say that you should fear traveling, because seeing other cultures is what breaks down these barriers of humankind.

George R.R. Martin gives a perfect reason to let Syrians in

Why You Should Stop Calling the Terrorists a State

Southwest Kicks Arabic Passengers off for Racist Passenger


Wow Air Brings back it’s Popular $99 Flights to Iceland

Quantas to Fly non-stop from NYC to Australia

Google Maps is now fully accessible offline


<< Best Articles >>

I love to read other travel bloggers adventures, and I am constantly flipping through stories daily. Here are the best I can across this week!

Be My Travel Muse: 30 Amazing Photos from 3 Years of Travel

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Brendan’s Adventures: Tips for taking portraits with Examples from Cuba

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:The Planet D: 22 Photos that will make you want to visit Nova Scotia

<< Favorite Instagrams >>

My favorite app on my iPhone by far is Instagram, and I share photos from my adventures daily — but I also scour it for other awesome Instagramers around the globe to feed my wanderlust, get ideas on places to go, and simply gawk at the beauty of the world. Here are some favorites from this week. Have an Instagram? Come follow me and say hi! Want to get featured? Tag your travel photos with #TheLostLife and join the tribe of Lost Ones!

A photo posted by Rob Duncan (@robbieduncan) on





A photo posted by Kaley (@helloimkaley) on



A photo posted by Sonja Erin (@migratingmiss) on


<< Awesome Videos >>

An Irishman in Vegas

Trekking From Xela to Lake Atitlan

Kazakhstan: 36 Hours in Astana

The Gambia Tabaski, Festival of Sacrifice

4 Years of Travel Supercut

Have any travel news that caught your attention? Or an article or photo you read? Share below!


  1. Amanda November 24, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    Thanks so much for the mention! I hope you can turn things around in Melbourne. I still haven’t been myself, but from what I’ve heard it’s a pretty awesome city with tons to explore!
    Amanda recently posted..Amanda’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

  2. Katie November 25, 2015 at 11:11 am

    We must share the same birthday – Friday the 13th this year. I am in Thailand so didn’t find out about the Paris attacks until the next day. I’m pleased to hear that you are going to be making a concerted effort to enjoy your time in Melbourne more. It is not surprising you are not fully enjoying it if you are just working and saving – I think that we should work to make our lives fun all the time, not just when we are travelling 🙂
    Katie recently posted..The Big Trip: Month Five Round Up

    1. Ryan - Site Author November 26, 2015 at 12:45 am

      Hey Katie,
      My birthday is on the 15th, but news really swarmed over about it around the 15th and since we are kind of a day ahead in Australia, that’s why they implied that. But otherwise, yes I definitely need to be conscious of not letting the worry of saving for another adventure ruin my time here. It’s definitely overshadowed much of it but I’m going to flip that around! You’re exactly right, and thanks for the encouragement!
      Ryan recently posted..Last Week in Travel November 15th-21st: News, Best Articles, and More.


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