10 Reasons You Should Start A Travel Blog While You Are Teaching in China

Blogging is a completely different world filled with every single thing that occupies a big chunk of every blogger’s heart. You will discover a wide variety of niches in the blogging world, but one thing is common: they are writing something personal – something that consumes their day.
As you begin a new chapter of your life as a teacher in China, your personal experiences are worth writing down. Your highs and lows, and your new discoveries are gems to the world. If you are in a need of a little convincing, here are the ten reasons why you should start a travel blog:

1. It somehow keeps you sane.

Miles away from home, people from the past would write on journals to let out every single overwhelming experience they have had. Blogging works just like writing a journal only that you invite people to interact with you, and be part of your experience. You can be very personal about your journey yet giving the world a chance to walk with you.

2. You discover new things. 

With the chance to share your experiences to the world, it also pushes you to keep on trying something new. China is a beautiful country. As a foreigner, you have yet to discover so many things about this wondrous country. And when you begin to blog, you get more inspired to discover more.

3. It helps you grow. 

In the pursuit of discovering new things about China, you will also stumble upon lessons that would help you grow as a person. You will gain experiences and you will be with people who will help open your eyes and bring you to a fresher and newer perspective about travelling, about people, and about life.

4. You create an audience. 

You create a community of people who are more than willing to see you grow, and learn from your journey. This community is one of the reasons that encourages you to try out something new.

5. You teach people.

With the community that you have created, you also help open their eyes to the realities of teaching abroad and you welcome them to a life in China far different from what the media would always present.

6. You create opportunities.

You become a key that opens a door of possibilities for your readers. They will begin to discover their passion by simply reading your blog. You attract companies to partner with you, too. And because of this, your readers find opportunities out of being part of your community of readers.

7. You build your brand. 

You might know that in a pool of applicants, recruiters are always looking for people who are experts in their fields. Blogging allows you to build your personal profile. It is like an online portfolio of who you are as a foreign teacher in China, and even as a tourist (if you are also considering it as a job you can take on in the future).

8. You attract recruiters.

As mentioned, recruiters are always on the hunt of the best people to hire. They want someone who showcases their skills and talents into the job. Blogging is a very good tool in connecting people and companies to each other. If they noticed your exemplary passion for teaching, they would be the first one to knock on your door without you even applying.

9. It gives you a chance to connect to people.

This is completely different from creating a community. Blogging gives you chance to meet people from the different walks of life. Some readers would connect us to tour guides, drivers, executives, and/or companies that would expand our horizons and would lead us to be better versions of ourselves.

10. You are a good medium of change.

Before you know it, you become an influencer. You affect people simply by what you post. With this kind of power, you are a good medium in getting a message come across to people. What you write affects your readers in some way or another. You can be a stone thrown out in the pond that creates a ripple of change.

So while you are packing up for your next flight, I hope you are already thinking of your blog name. You are like the Little Prince who travelled the world and shared his wisdom to people. You are a story definitely worth blogging about.

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