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I’ve always said I would go back to Canada again ever since my trip there in 2013 for the TBEX travel blogger conference. If not just to sample that awesome Poutine again, to see the hundreds of other sights and sounds that I couldn’t fit into our three-week blogger road trip.

So, what would I do if I had the chance to go back?

Well, I feel like I didn’t get to see much of Ontario while I was there. A lot of my time was dedicated to the conference, but I know I missed out on a whole lot of exploring. Okay, so I got to go to a party dressed as a vampire, but what about the national parks, Niagara Falls and the best nightlife that Toronto can offer?

Here’s a brief overview of what I intend to do when I head back to Ontario… I haven’t decided where I’d go from there yet. Any suggestions?

1. Niagara Falls
I am so bummed I didn’t get to see this while I was there. So close and yet so far away! To start with, I’ll be heading to the area just behind the Falls, to bag myself a hotel room. Normally I’m not too bothered about where I end up staying, but when they offer incredible views right on the edge like this Fallsview hotel, there’s no way I’m missing out on the chance to wake up there!

2. Tours and attractions
I’ll probably spend a while in this part of Ontario, as there are so many things to see here. Just around the Falls, there’s the Cave of the Winds experience, the Hornblower tours, the Niagara’s Fury experience and so on. Aside from that, I’d like to check out the Niagara Falls State Park and the view from the Skylon tower.

3. Toronto City
After that, I think I’ll head north to Toronto City for a few days. The Royal Ontario Museum is just waiting for me to go. I don’t normally get to see sights like this from the places I’ve been, but given how popular it is in the area, I think it will add another perspective to how I see Canada. I’ll probably go and make friends with some pandas at the Toronto Zoo too – it’s the largest zoo in Canada!

4. North Bay
After the bright lights of big city Toronto, I’ll be heading up north again to North Bay. This seems like a quiet little town, but I really want to check out Lake Nipissing. I’m partial to camping, and when I found out that there were great fishing lakes here, as well as glaciers, this place had to be on my list. I’ll be exploring the uninhabited Manitou Islands while I’m there too, so you can expect some spectacular photography. If you’d like to learn more about North Bay, click here.

So, aside from the usual crazy encounters, strangers that become friends and getting lost, that’s where I’ll be starting my next Canadian adventure.

What do you think? Have I chosen the right places? Are you off to Canada soon?

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