Scuba Diving (and Almost Dying) in Ponza, Italy

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n easy day on the water relaxing and scuba diving they said. And it was, until that part I nearly died. Maybe that is a little overblown for the sake of drama, but when you are meters deep below the surface with lead weights strapped to you starting to fall unconscious, you might freak out as well. Everything began and ended fine, because I wouldn’t be writing to you today and showing you this gnarly video if I was dead, but there was an in between bit that I thought I was doomed.

This trip was part of the 10 day blogger tour of Italy I had somehow managed to be invited on, and half the group remained as we spent the weekend around this incredible island.¬†After jumping on board the Ponza Diving boat, we took off for 8 hours to cruise around the Tyrrhenian Sea. For the first half of the day, we got to watch other people have all the fun as the experienced divers gloated and frolicked about in the water. It wasn’t all so bad, because there were puppies on the boat. ‘Nuff said. It wasn’t so bad basking in the sun on the boat and eating some sort of delicious Italian snacks while we waited.

But I was eager. I’ve wanted to scuba dive all of my life and now I was on the verge of it sitting around. After a couple of hours as the more experienced divers were done, it was our turn. We pulled up into a cove near some ancient Roman caves we’d later explore by foot, but beneath us was a labyrinth of unique formations and cave networks created by the volcanic activity in the region over centuries.

I don’t want to spoil too much, so come check out my first time scuba diving in Ponza Italy and let me know what you think!

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