Why does graffiti always have to be in bubble font?I love street art and graffiti. I’m not talking about that rubbish amateur tagging, I mean the really good stuff. And in the Capital city of New Zealand, there was an endless buffet of gnarly street art to indulge in.

Wellington was already on my list as one of my favorite cities in New Zealand for it’s history, architecture, liveliness. But there was a reason I would spend hours wandering aimlessly about the city; through alleyways, backstreets, to the tops of buildings (if I could gain access). It was for the sole reason that each day I could find some sort of new amazing street art I had not come upon previously.

Graffiti was literally EVERYWHERE! 

So I have gathered a collection of my absolute favorite finds for you to eat your spray paint loving heart out!

(click photos to enlarge)


The Gent & The Lady

This guy is a total creeper...  Gangsta Chicken

Alleyway graffiti monster brawl!

Dancin' with the Devil

Well he seems mad...

So High he has Three Eyes!

Untitled artwork 2013-01-25 (02.03.45-766 AM)


Mind F**K!

Green Lantern's arch nemesis?

No bones about it.

Must give GREAT massages!

All tangled up.
















Three eyed man AGAIN!


Ironic isn't it?




Which gnarly piece of street art was your favorite? Where is your favorite city to see strew art?


  1. Wow that’s some pretty impressive artwork!!! Looking forward to seeing it for myself 🙂
    Think my favourite has to be the red-head woman…simple yet eye-popping 🙂

  2. I really love the last one, especially how you captured a bird looking at it. I think he’s seriously considering flying into the scene. There’s so much depth to it! Just found your blog and I’m really looking forward to reading more. Good luck on your upcoming travels!


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