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In Jacmel Haiti Abandoned Coffee Factories Become Vibrant Art Galleries

In Jacmel Haiti, we ventured down a shaded side street and into an avenue of crumbling factories that seemed all abandoned. But behind those rusted red doors was something of a secret discovery. Haiti always has something surprising to show. Part of the surprise is that Haiti hasn’t been a destination on the top of most lists to travel to, so much of what’s to see and experience is unknown. But I’ve already gone through the reasons why you shouldn’t judge Haiti by its media coverage and why it is one… Read More

The most beautiful landscapes from around the world

This week’s #Frifotos theme on Twitter is the subject of landscapes. And even though I’ve just began traveling, I’ve had the opportunity to gaze upon some absolutely jaw dropping scenery from North America to Canada, Haiti to Thailand, and Cambodia. And now, as I begin traveling through Europe, I have finally been able to take in some landscapes in Italy as well. Here are my picks, in no certain order, from my own photos of the most beautiful landscapes from around the world that I have visited. CAMBODIA  Angkor Wat… Read More

In Photos: The Most Beautiful Coastlines around the World

Whether it be watching gentle waves roll softly in on a beach, or admiring a sunset that glistens across a silver ocean like a million diamonds, or being awe-struck at the fierce and frothing water crashing relentlessly against cliffs after a storm — there is something mystifying about a coastline. It’s as if you stand at the edge of the world staring out into an infinite expanse of blue. I scoured my hard-drives for for the most beautiful coastlines around the world from my travels including images from Thailand, Haiti, Canada, and the United… Read More

SOS! Stranded on the Caribbean Sea in Haiti.

“Oh shit, is that bad?” I said, sitting up and eyes wide. It began with a slight pitter patter, which soon turned to a stuttering putter, which became a grinding ‘grrrrrrr’, which led to a finale with a ‘KINK CLUNK’, followed by silence. The propeller had stopped, and we were dead in the water in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. “Nah, we’re all good man” Vick re-assured me. Well, we weren’t in the middle of the Caribbean Sea per-se…but as the Kapitèn Bato, or boat captain, yanked the boat… Read More

Weekly Photo: Shady Dealings in a Haitian Marketplace.

I love marketplaces. I think marketplaces in countries abroad are the true depictions of the country itself and what makes it tick. People put pieces of themselves out on display in hopes that someone will see value in it, from hand-crafted works of art to hand-picked fruits. In the marketplaces people talk about politics, news, family, and life while bartering and exchanging currencies. In a marketplace you can feel the ebb and flow of the country’s inner workings – what fruits are specialties, how they prepare meats, poultry, and fish,… Read More

Travel Horror Story: Stumbled into a Haitian Crypt.

Unearthed skulls, slow burning candles dripping molten wax over the rough stone crypts, echoes through the hallowed corridors of chants in unison which called forth the god Bondyè. Peeking around one of the crypts, my stomach retreated into my ribcage like a scared pup cowering in its doghouse as I saw women and men swaying, shaking, and chanting. A goat, eyes glazed over with fear from the commotion, was pulled forward to a priestess adorned with a gold. Firelight dancing over the hammered metals she wore, and in her hand… Read More

In Photos: Inspirational Smiles from Haiti

A smile. It is simple, yet so profound. Filled with a thousand words, meanings, and emotions. So I’ve compiled smiles from Haiti for you, and some inspirational quotes, to inspire a cheesy grin to form on your face. Because I freakin’ love to smile! Smiling…that subtle reaction that happens when the electric neuronal signals tickle the oldest part of your cortex, making your brain giggle with joy, which stimulates your smile muscles causing that cheesy grin to form. The fact that we HAVE smile muscles should make you smile. However… Read More

Weekly Photo: The craziest object I’ve seen transported on a motorbike!

Hello folks! I’m your host Ryan Brown, and by golly do we have something to show you today! On today’s Just Chuckin’ it! travel gameshow is a contest of sheer resourcefulness as we see who can fit the craziest thing on a motorbike! And the winner is… *cue drumroll” Refrigerator balancing act on a motorbike! During my 10 days through Haiti, I saw some pretty wild shit. And MANY things transported by motorbike that most people can’t transport by car here in the states. Unless they were really determined and… Read More

Haiti is Coming, Are You Ready?

  It has been nearly 4 months since I traveled to what was once The Pearl of the Caribbean to film a documentary, and now I’m going to revisit my trip and tell you all about it. A lot happened on that trip, a lot of which I didn’t expect. There were perspectives shattered. There were heart breaking scenes. There were uplifting moments. And there were landscapes more beautiful than I had ever witnessed. Many times unbelievable. But it was real. Those untouched beaches…those sprawling mountains…The food! This month I’ll… Read More

Travel Videos

WARNING: The following moving images transmitted to your brain may cause sudden urges to give the middle finger to the corporate world, partake and “irresponsible” acts of pure joy, and run off to distant lands. TV will rot your brain, so step away from the boobtube and feast your eyes on these mind tantalizing, cortex stimulating Travel Videos. Sit tight, shut up, and enjoy the show! Rated E for Epic 10 Beautiful Days in Haiti    Video Confession: Running out of Money in a Foreign Country          … Read More

Haiti in Photos: Don’t Look! You Might Fall in Love.

Well, it’s too late now. You have crossed the threshold. There is no going back. But who says you’ll want to? After seeing some of these images of Haiti, you may want to rush over to the nearest airport and catch the first flight over to the caribbean. That’s right, I said you’ll want to travel to Haiti. Actually, these photos may make you want to have a love affair with the Pearl. I’ve already discussed in a previous post about my preconceived notions of Haiti (and everybody else’s) via… Read More

Weekly Photo: Peek into a Haitian Paradise from a Boat

Is there anything more awesome than cruising through the ocean in a leaky boat towards a paradise island? After a few days living under the sun near in Labadee, Haiti, it was time to get off our sand covered beach bums and explore. We paid a boat taxi a few extra hundred Haitian Gourdes to break his route and take us around to some of the other surrounding islands. This is my rad view I had perched at the tip of the boat as we put-putted around islands that looked… Read More

Advice About Haiti: Don’t Judge a Country by Its Media Coverage

*This is an article from 2013 when I traveled to Haiti for the first time. Since then, I’ve returned to this amazing country once more in 2015. For more on Haiti, check out the Haiti Travel Page* It’s been nearly two weeks since I returned from my 10-day trip across Haiti to film a documentary on an amazing sustainable energy project under development. Now that my intense reverse culture-shock has subsided, I wanted to straighten out a few things about the bad reputation Haiti receives. The moment I stepped off… Read More

Weekly Photo: Shimmering Boats in Labadee, Nord, Haiti.

As the sun was retreating beyond the distant mountains, we pulled up to the beach of Labadee, Nord, Haiti. Sunlight danced and shimmered on the water with the silhouettes of boats rocking with the tide. Decorated with bright (though faded) colors and verses from the bible, the rickety and leaky wooden boats await on the shore to scurry passengers of to beaches close-by. Beaches not Labadee. Labadee is leased by Royal Caribbean and nobody except tourists from the ship are allowed. No matter, these took us to a much more beautiful and… Read More

Update: Home From Haiti (This Contrast May Kill Me)

Culture-shock is a bitch. Well, it’s now dawned on me that reverse culture-shock is an even BIGGER bitch. My mind buzzes in and out like static on an old television set. I am standing on cold granite surrounded on three sides by polished steel. Staring aimlessly out the thick glass storefront, I fight to keep my eyes from slamming shut. My knees feel weak and my stomach twisted. Robotic beings flutter and frolic by me to grope shiny aluminum clad gadgets, gizmos, and iThingy-mabobbers (you can guess where I work). Ritzy… Read More