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In Jacmel Haiti Abandoned Coffee Factories Become Vibrant Art Galleries

In Jacmel Haiti, we ventured down a shaded side street and into an avenue of crumbling factories that seemed all abandoned. But behind those rusted red doors was something of a secret discovery. Haiti always has something surprising to show. Part of the surprise is that Haiti hasn’t been a destination on the top of most lists to travel to, so much of what’s to see and experience is unknown. But I’ve already gone through the reasons why you shouldn’t judge Haiti by its media coverage and why it is one… Read More

Of Blood and Sand: Wandering the Roman Colosseum and Hypogeum

The Roman Colo-freaking-sseum. It was finally about to happen. I had waited almost 18-years of my life after the fateful day when I picked up one of those ginormous glossy “History of Ancient Rome” books bigger than my torso that, in all honesty at age 8, was fascinating only because of the nifty section chock full of weaponry. My eyes were dazzled by the scenes of brutal arena combat, the fascinating architecture, the kick-ass photos of armor and weapons, and the perfectly executed warfare of the Romans. Oh, and of… Read More

A Walk Through the Fascinating Roman Forum

It had only been a couple of days since I had arrived in Rome and fulfilled a childhood dream, and even though I had been in the city for a relatively short period of time, I had already managed to get hopelessly lost in the Eternal City. After taking it easy that night, and doing some light exploring the next day, I figured it was time to get to know the history and the city a bit better. I very rarely take tours in cities.  Wandering a city with no predetermined… Read More

Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln! Fun Facts, Best Quotes, and Memorial Photos

Hey Abe, it’s your 203rd birthday! Try not to look so excited good sir. Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, 16th President of the United States of America. When this gnarly dude wasn’t chopping down trees, slaying vampires, attending top-hat parties, giving his honest opinions, or growing EPIC beards, he was saving the Union’s ass during the Civil war and fighting for African American’s much deserved rights. Chya. If Lady Liberty had a swiss army knife for the United States, its Honest freakin’ Abe right here.  So, in honor of America’s… Read More