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Video: Surviving the Bumbling Death Bus from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, India

Traveling from city to city in countries around the world by some sketchy mode of transport is nothing new. Driving three people on a motorbike was pretty easy. Hanging from the back of a songthaew wasn’t so bad. Hitchhiking in New Zealand? No sweat. But sometimes you take a ride in something and immediately think to yourself, “Will I survive this? Probably not…”

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Featured Country: India

India is always a country I always hear described with one phrase: It’s a love and hate kind of country. And that is about as consistent as India gets. India, as I joked many times with different groups of backpackers, is consistently inconsistent. It is a paradox where the ugliness and beauty are hand in hand, where incredibly frustrating moments are followed by incredibly rewarding moments, where it is uplifting of the spirit yet depressing in the soul. Come read see the experiences I had!

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13 Rickshaw Run India Photos that will Blow Your Mind

Describing the Rickshaw Run across India as crazy is putting it lightly. With only 60 out of 85 teams finishing and 2,000+km of sheer chaos, I’m surprised we finished as well. That is why I wanted to share just a small morsel of the madness with you in the form of 13 Rickshaw Run photos that will blow your mind. But first, a little backstory… A month since the Rickshaw Run across India ended I was still cleaning dirt out from beneath my fingernails and trying to smell like something… Read More

Post-Rickshaw Run Update, and BIG travel plan changes!

Hello Lost Ones, It’s been quite a while since I posted on the blog. Though, with a two-week long insane road trip around India, and then bouncing around India to places with non-existent wi-fi, and then throw in big tremors felt from the Nepal earthquake, getting any writing done has been hard. So, firstly, I apologize. The big goal while on the Rickshaw Run a couple of weeks back was to live blog and live tweet/gram/vine all the action. What happened? Well, much of that didn’t happen. The team made… Read More