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Amtrak Across America Day 3: Seeing Clearly

Another day on the cold steel road, more lessons. The third day of my Amtrak train adventure across America taught me about life in a timeline, and why you should take advantage of every moment. It was through hazy grey-blue eyes that I felt as though I could travel through most of the history of the United States. Marge, with those time traveling cloud-like eyes which matched the color of her knit sweater, told in her sweet yet lively voice of days long past. Long past and disappearing. She smiled,… Read More

Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago? Gino’s East vs. Giordano’s Comparison

What is the best deep dish pizza joint in Chicago? That is the most pressing question for must-do things when visiting the Windy City, especially if you only have a few hours on a layover. I have now been to Chicago on Amtrak layovers twice, and both times I went hunting for the best and most epic deep dish pizza the city has to offer. With hundreds of places to choose from and most claiming to be the best, it was a doozy trying to decide. But here are my comparisons… Read More

99 hrs and 4,000 Miles Later: My Train Adventure Comes to an End.

Hello gnarly dudes and dudettes! I am currently in sunny San Diego where my hair and my strange surfer lingo just might fit in. I arrived in the wee hours of the night on the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner after hugging the entire Pacific coast on the Coastal Starlight train. I’ve gotta’ tell ya, that route might be the winner of most ravishing views. I’d make love to it and sit under the stars whispering sweet nothings if that route were a woman. Get the gist? Chya. Anywho, I am in… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: A Silver Lake Reflects the Sky in Infinite Symmetry across Oregon.

It was Day 3 of my train adventure across America and my last day on the Empire Builder. We were just entering into Oregon when I woke up and looked out my sleeper car and peeked out the window and saw this. Immediately I grabbed my Canon, racked the shutter speed up to 500, and began snapping photos. The clouds and the sky melted into the horizon becoming one with the mirror lake. The world could be flipped upside down and we’d never know. If you like the photo, share… Read More

Amtrak Train Across America Day 2: Discoveries.

The second day of my Amtrak train adventure across America gave rise to more discovery. Unexpected, one of self belief. The other — forgotten values of America through interactions with people I wouldn’t have spoken to in every day life. I woke in a slight mental haze around 8:00am. Confusion. Bewilderment. Maybe it was just sleeping on a train that did it to me. Or maybe it has been the lack of sleep I’ve had leading up to this trip. One might assume I’d be used to sleeping on trains by… Read More

Amtrak Train Across America Day 1: Closure.

Your life can change in an instant, or with one simple choice — like one I made to take an Amtrak train across America. After a year stateside working and saving up money, the pull of my nomadic soul began again. I needed to travel. So, on a whim, I booked a flight to Thailand from California. I just had to get there. And what better way to see the United States than by rail. Today began just like every other day. I woke up at the shriek of my… Read More

What, Where, Why: 30 Days until My Great American Train Adventure!

Earlier this morning I received a notification from my phone and immediately I got butterflies in my stomach. 30 days until my Amtrak trip across the United States, and 30 days until the beginning of a new adventure. So where am I exactly going? What will I be doing on this trip? Why the train and not flying? No worries, I’m here to fill ya in on all the juicy tidbits of this upcoming trip.   Why the train? First off, let me tell you a little about the train… Read More