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Featured Country: India

India is always a country I always hear described with one phrase: It’s a love and hate kind of country. And that is about as consistent as India gets. India, as I joked many times with different groups of backpackers, is consistently inconsistent. It is a paradox where the ugliness and beauty are hand in hand, where incredibly frustrating moments are followed by incredibly rewarding moments, where it is uplifting of the spirit yet depressing in the soul. Come read see the experiences I had!

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13 Rickshaw Run Photos that will Blow Your Mind

It has now been a little over a month since the Rickshaw Run ended, and I am still cleaning dirt out from beneath my fingernails and trying to smell like something other than gasoline. It sticks with you, India does, and when you take a road trip, a lot more sticks with you as well. After the insanity subsided and we pulled onto that victory platform as survivors, the following weeks were meant to be for relaxation. But, things haven’t turned out as planned, and a month later I am… Read More