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Am I not Prepping Enough? 60 Days until my trip to Thailand!

“I saw your Instagram photo about your savings. You’re almost at the goal, are you excited?” a co-worker said to me tonight at the restaurant. Suddenly butterflies filled my stomach, and I laughed out loud. “What? What’s funny?” She asked. “I’m sorry, I just suddenly got goosebumps all over my body and butterflies in my stomach when you asked that. I couldn’t help it.“ And then I proceeded to put two fists in the air and announce, “Hell yes, SO excited!“ The next adventure is coming, and it won’t be… Read More

It’s Official – I Bought My Ticket to Southeast Asia!

It’s undeniably, absolutely, positively, irrevocably, über fantastically for real. I’m actually going to Southeast Asia. Like FOR REAL for real. Fo rizzle. Okay, I’ll never ever type fo rizzle again. Can someone slap me? I’m still in a state of wanderlust stricken shock. Yesterday I just happened to be perusing Skyscanner to see how much a flight might cost to Thailand in November when I planned to go. But it was still months away and I was just checking to see how much I would have to save for the… Read More