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Beautiful Newfoundland: Trek to Gros Morne Fjord

I awoke in a sweat. My heart was racing and palms clammy. Where was I? I was confused. The laptop was beside me on the homemade quilt I was laying on; I must have fallen asleep editing photos.

I was still trying to pry my tired eyes open and adjust to the light in that orange glossy cabin room when I glanced to my left. Suddenly my heart jumped and my stomach sank as I saw a man standing beside my bed.

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Road Trip to #TBEX Day 1: Into the Grey to Gros Morne

And so the tale begins. A tale of four travel-hearted individuals from different reaches of the North Americas. Four travel-hearted bloggers on an epic two-week road trip from the jagged coastlines of Newfoundland in the east, to the 2013 Travel Blog Expo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I hope you are ready for the shenanigans that will ensue… First thing is first – let me give you a quick rundown. This will be a multi-part series, retelling the adventures of Candice of Candice Does The World, Seattle of Seattle’s Travels, Zak… Read More

Headed to Canada — What “aboot” it eh?

Canada. Afro of the United States. Chilling up top the US like the Fonz saying “eh?” Full of people who have funny accents when they say “about”. Maple freakin’ syrup. Everywhere. Also some French sprinkled about.     And French Fries with gravy or something of that sort. Saw it on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.     These are some things I thought I knew about Canada before my travels began. Silly notions poking fun at our northern neighbors as I grew up. Before, when I was a tad bit… Read More