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Escape From Tomorrowland: Why You Should Travel TODAY!

So many of us live in Tomorrowland. “Tomorrow is another day.” “I’ll do this tomorrow.” “I’ll start working towards my dream tomorrow.” “Tomorrow is a new beginning.” Well let me just voice my opinion about tomorrow. Tomorrow does not exist. Now, I’m not telling you that this is fact by some divine knowledge…. I’m just asking you to toy with this idea. Just think about this for a minute. Tomorrow is a theory. Tomorrow is a comfortable assumption that the sun will rise. Tomorrow is a hope that your heart… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: My Favorite Travel Photo I’ve Ever Taken.

“Would you rather be the one looking up at the plane in the sky wondering where the people are going, or the one looking down from the sky wondering why the people are staying?” -Ryan Brown (Me) It is usually quite hard for someone of any numerous artistic forms to pick a favorite. I have snapped thousands of photos, many of which I am proud of, and many of which I could add to my top favorites. But the favorite? It may be the photo below. It was a cool… Read More

In Photos: Inspirational Smiles from Haiti

A smile. It is simple, yet so profound. Filled with a thousand words, meanings, and emotions. So I’ve compiled smiles from Haiti for you, and some inspirational quotes, to inspire a cheesy grin to form on your face. Because I freakin’ love to smile! Smiling…that subtle reaction that happens when the electric neuronal signals tickle the oldest part of your cortex, making your brain giggle with joy, which stimulates your smile muscles causing that cheesy grin to form. The fact that we HAVE smile muscles should make you smile. However… Read More

Leaving Pieces of Yourself Behind When Traveling

Somewhere, at sometime, someone once said something around the lines of, “When you travel, you leave bits and pieces of yourself behind.” This saying rings true with most travelers, and it has for me especially. When I first began traveling less than 2 years ago, I had no clue what to expect. The world was my oyster now it seemed, but for my entire life it had been closed off. I had no clue if it would bear treasure, or leave a bad taste in my mouth. Then, something spectacular… Read More