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Weekly Photo: Angkor Wat like you’ve never seen before!

Nearly everyone in the world that I know of has seen some sort of photo of the famous 12th century temple complex known as Angkor Wat. The largest religious complex in the world, it is indeed a fascinating place to visit. But at the same time, it is a place thousands of people visit and photograph. So, while I was getting to have history-gasms touching the ancient building and exploring, I also decided that I wanted to bring you there as well. In the main complex in Angkor Wat, the… Read More

Weekly Photo Bubble: The Sliding Waterfall of Pai, Thailand

Welcome to Moh Paeng waterfall, otherwise known as the “sliding waterfall” where the rocks are smooth and made slick by the flowing stream and waterfall cutting right through them — allowing you to slide all the way down into the lower pools of water. Immerse yourself in this panoramic photo bubble and explore the falls. *WARNING* There may or may not be disfigured captures of friends as they tried to mess with my bubble.   For computer users: Take your mouse and move it around the bubble. For mobile users:… Read More