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Weekly Photo Mojo: Fireflies light up the hillside in Umbria, Italy.

Up in the hills above the 15th century town of Paciano Italy and overlooking the countryside of Umbria sits the villa of Campodalto. At the beginning of my 10-day blogger tour through Italy, this sight was one of the more unexpectedly memorable ones — and it happened on day one after arriving late night to Campodalto where we would stay during our time in Umbria. I just remember wandering outside and into the back lawn that was pitch black. The distant town lights glowed, but the sea of fireflies overpowered… Read More

Weekly Travel Photo: Il Trasimeno Lake in Umbria, Italy.

Long golden grass dancing on a gentle wind, bright yellow and purple wild-flowers peeking out of the hills, dark green-brushed mountains in the distance climbing out of the horizon and surrounding the turquoise lake shimmering under the summer sun. This is Il Trasimeno Lake in the region of Umbria in Italy. Here, our blogger group on tour around Italy began a hike with UmbriAction that would take us through the hills around the lake, showing us the beautiful and unique agriculture and wildlife. Though we had quite a hike ahead,… Read More

Weekly Travel Photo: Meeting an Octopus in Italy

On a recent blogger tour around Italy, we visited the island of Ponza, about two hours south of Rome and a three-hour ferry ride. While there, I had the chance to go scuba diving for the very first time and took along my GoPro to capture the moment. And one such moment was with this little octopus that we found under a rock at the sea-bed. Now, personally I’ve never met an octopus, but it seemed much obliged to meet me. Given the uber cuteness and subtle hilarity of this photo,… Read More

Weekly Travel Photo: Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge

Welcome to Praha AKA Prague AKA the City of Spires. This week’s photo mojo comes to you from the fabled capital of the Czech Republic. In the distance the spires of Prague Castle pierce the sky, with the Charles Bridge spanning Vltava River and its own tower and spires opposite. Both are important landmarks to the capital city of the Czech Republic with a history that is every bit beautiful as it is bloody. More to come on the Czech Republic soon! Weekly Photo Mojo is about stimulating your cortex with… Read More

Weekly Travel Photo: Immersive panoramic bubble of the Pantheon in Rome.

  Here is an immersive photo bubble of the Pantheon in Rome — one of the most important and best preserved structures from the ancient empire dating its construction back to between 118 AD to 125 AD. This temple was dedicated to the pagan gods of Rome and is one of the best examples of Roman engineering and architecture with the massive and detailed dome and oculus at the top. *Ignore the partially dismembered people, creating a bubble in this busy of an attraction was a tad difficult!* Since the… Read More

Weekly Photo: Into the Roman Colosseum’s Hypogeum Where the Gladiators Awaited Death.

  Imagine yourself as a gladiator of Rome, a slave warrior, deep under the enormous Flavian Amphitheater awaiting battle. The thunderous noise of 50,000 rabid Romans rumbles the roof above, but you cannot see a thing. Their stomping and shouting sounds the exact same as a foreboding storm rolling toward you. It is pitch black, besides the brief and fleeting light of a dim torch that occasionally flickers on the uneven stone walls, casting long and ghastly shadows which crawl over the ceiling. Somewhere in that darkness the feral roars… Read More

Weekly Photo: The Grand Canyon of Thailand in Pai

Pai is a small town in the far north of Thailand and a place I escape to nearly every month from Chiang Mai. Besides being a hippy enclave, there are outdoor activities abound; surrounded by mountains on most sides, waterfalls everywhere you look, and more than a handful of different geothermal hot pools. Another “hidden” piece of Pai that makes it amazing is Pai Canyon, considered to be the Grand Canyon of Thailand. The canyon itself isn’t nearly as vast as the world wonder in Arizona, but it is quite impressive…. Read More

Weekly Photo: Surfing in the fiery sunset in San Diego

  Before my trip to Southeast Asia, I had a chance to spend a few days exploring San Diego. I had been a couple of times before, but usually just for a day or so, or I was staying just outside the city. One night I decided to walk to the beach to catch a sunset, and it was one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever experienced. The smoldering sun sank deeper into the silver horizon, the slow lapping waves reflecting its last bit of fiery reign for the day. Out… Read More

Weekly Photo: Anonymous Thai Protester in a V For Vendetta Mask

Though I have no political affiliation to any country in the world, including my home country (I hate politics) the political protests in Thailand had overshadowed the media and my trip ever since I arrived in Thailand. The moment I landed in Bangkok mid-November, the town square was swarmed with thousands of protesters supporting or attempting to overthrow the current government — which made it fucking hell for getting around town too. One day, before the protests (as seen on some news outlets) began including guns and explosives and riots,… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: A Thai man crafts bamboo rafts by the riverside in Pai, Thailand

This weeks photo mojo comes from Pai, Thailand. Under the shadow of the mountains near Memorial Bridge, a local Thai man crafted bamboo rafts by hand. I stood there on that old iron bridge over that trickling river watching this man wrap and tighten twine around massive bamboo shoots. Weekly Photo Mojo is about stimulating your cortex with retina rupturing and awe-inspiring photos from around the world to help you reach Terminal Vicariosity (The point where the mind reaches maximum capacity from living vicariously through someone else, and chooses to… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: A Soldier walks down Memorial Bridge in Pai, Thailand

As I was exploring the outskirts of Pai, Thailand on motorbike we came to Memorial Bridge which spanned a shallow rippling river. There was a moment where I felt as though I had traveled back in time as a mock soldier in a vintage uniform, holding a sword, marched down the wooden planks. To add to the scene, at the end of a bridge a young man chatted with a woman in a flowing white dress and an old tricycle sat idle nearby. Weekly Photo Mojo is about stimulating your… Read More

Weekly Photo Bubble: The Sliding Waterfall of Pai, Thailand

Welcome to Moh Paeng waterfall, otherwise known as the “sliding waterfall” where the rocks are smooth and made slick by the flowing stream and waterfall cutting right through them — allowing you to slide all the way down into the lower pools of water. Immerse yourself in this panoramic photo bubble and explore the falls. *WARNING* There may or may not be disfigured captures of friends as they tried to mess with my bubble.   For computer users: Take your mouse and move it around the bubble. For mobile users:… Read More

The young Thai girl selling red balloons, and her unknown dreams

There she was, one small Thai girl holding 99 red balloons. Well, not 99, but quite a lot of balloons. I had just escaped out of the throngs of shoppers in the Chiang Mai Sunday walking street and shuffled, relieved to be free, into an intersection. There she was, this unknown girl in a dark plaid shirt clutching strings that were pulled upward by the night sky. It was still a busy intersection, one with people flowing from all four directions in a blur of prospective customers, but not one… Read More

Weekly Photo Bubble: The Bungalow Life for Me in Koh Phi Phi

After reaching Thailand and spending a week in bustling Bangkok and expat haven Chiang Mai, I was looking for a little slice of paradise where I could hang my hammock and swing the day away. For computer users: Take your mouse and move it around the bubble. For mobile users: Use your phone or table and tilt it or move it around to explore! I guess it’s the bungalow life for me! Though Koh Phi Phi Don, one of the numerous islands in southern Thailand, is a bit of a… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: Desolate Beauty in the Salton Sea.

Besides the hungry gulls squawking, an eery silence lays over Bombay Beach. Once a town, floods from the Colorado River submerged the area and only left remnants of a town that once was. The ground is crusted over by salt from the Salton Sea which has a salinity level higher than the entire Pacific Ocean combined. While exploring California before my big trip to Southeast Asia, my friends and I stopped by to walk around. Just desolate beauty remained besides this ghostly shirt that fluttered in the salty breeze. (Many… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: A Silver Lake Reflects the Sky in Infinite Symmetry across Oregon.

It was Day 3 of my train adventure across America and my last day on the Empire Builder. We were just entering into Oregon when I woke up and looked out my sleeper car and peeked out the window and saw this. Immediately I grabbed my Canon, racked the shutter speed up to 500, and began snapping photos. The clouds and the sky melted into the horizon becoming one with the mirror lake. The world could be flipped upside down and we’d never know. If you like the photo, share… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: A Hammock and a Sunrise in New Zealand.

Molten gold poured over the darkness, setting the sky afire. Past the silhouettes of scrawny trees, flames of the hottest white and blue fanned outward, conquering all blackness with a bright dawn. This was the sight just beyond the tips of my toes cocooned within the sleeping bag. A did not move a muscle as the light of the morning danced across my eyes, a sunrise money couldn’t pay for. I was in my beloved hammock, slung up in a random wood in the wilds of New Zealand’s north. There… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: From a New Orleans Marching Band Perspective.

A lot of elements combine together to make New Orleans one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to, but the most prominent has to be the music. At its heart, New Orleans is a place that thumps against your heart with the sound of tubas, raises the hairs on your skin with the song of saxophones, and gets your feet jiving to the tune of trombones. And the most clich√© and accurate representation about the New Orleans musical vibes is their marching bands. Every weekend throughout the year, you’ll find… Read More

Weekly Photo Mojo: My Plane’s Propeller Stopped in Mid-Air.

I’ve always had a slight uneasiness when flying. Just the fact that I am up thousands of feet in the air, with my life in someone else’s hands, gives me a pang of anxiousness. Though I’ve gotten comfortable with flying a bit more over the past couple of years, take off and landing still make me pray to gods I don’t normally. While on a flight from Montreal to St. John’s Newfoundland, I was messing around with shutter speeds on my newly purchased DSLR, and the photos ended up giving… Read More