Weekly Photo: The Grand Canyon of Thailand in Pai

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Pai is a small town in the far north of Thailand and a place I escape to nearly every month from Chiang Mai. Besides being a hippy enclave, there are outdoor activities abound; surrounded by mountains on most sides, waterfalls everywhere you look, and more than a handful of different geothermal hot pools. Another “hidden” piece of Pai that makes it amazing is Pai Canyon, considered to be the Grand Canyon of Thailand.

The canyon itself isn’t nearly as vast as the world wonder in Arizona, but it is quite impressive. Rock formations trail outward like spiderwebs — treacherously narrow with 100 foot drops in some places and fine sand that makes it even more dangerous. For the adventurous (and stupid) like myself, this is what makes the canyon so amazing — you can hike on these narrow rock formations all the way through the canyon and be almost completely alone.

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  1. It is a very nice spot Ryan and I could easily see myself relaxing there and enjoy the view. Sadly I never managed to make it to Pai whilst I was in Thailand despite everyone suggested it to me 🙁

  2. Wow, this is definitely a kind of place I would love to spend a day or two. Nice to stay so close to the Mother Nature :).

  3. Other than the fact that I hate how Americans feel the need to compare every canyon they see to the grand canyon (why do y’all do that?… Bangkok is the New York of Thailand. Phuket is the Jersey Shore of Thailand) looks like a cool spot.

    1. Author

      Honestly Brendan, I didn’t for one second think of the “Grand Canyon” or an American comparison of sorts when I first saw that. Everything that advertises the canyon has that slapped on it. And saying all Americans compare everything to our own places is a tad ignorant of a statement I’d say. Surprised to see that comment from you. But yes it is a very cool spot.

  4. Very cool! When I see interesting geological formations like that I not only relish in their beauty but also start thinking about the natural forces behind it that shaped the locations we have come to enjoy nowadays over thousands or even millions of years. Oh the earth is an amazing place, isn’t it? 🙂

    1. Author

      I totally agree. Was completely fascinated by the way the formations were, hadn’t ever seen anything like it! F’kin love earth! Haha

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