In Photos: The Most Beautiful Coastlines around the World

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Whether it be watching gentle waves roll softly in on a beach, or admiring a sunset that glistens across a silver ocean like a million diamonds, or being awe-struck at the fierce and frothing water crashing relentlessly against cliffs after a storm — there is something mystifying about a coastline. It’s as if you stand at the edge of the world staring out into an infinite expanse of blue.

I scoured my hard-drives for for the most beautiful coastlines around the world from my travels including images from Thailand, Haiti, Canada, and the United States.



Me on Koh Phi Phi looking out at Loh Dalum Bay.

Koh Phi Phi Le and the location of “The Beach” from just over the crest of our longtail boat.

Loh Dalum Bay at low-tide.

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A lonely pony swing looking out over the coast of Norfolk County.

The inlet coast of St. John’s Newfoundland as the sun sets.

Looking out over dark green pines at the Atlantic ocean from a trek new Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland.

Cape Spear lighthouse keeping a watchful eye for sailors on the coast of Newfoundland near St. John’s.

View from the Skyline trail in Nova Scotia.

Pastel sunset and the silhouette of Rocky Harbor lighthouse in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.

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Doubtless Bay and Cooper’s Beach in the far north of New Zealand.

The rocky coastline around Wellington.

Looking out over Christchurch on the South Island.

Bright blue water seen from Mt. Maunganui, Tauranga.

The small town of Bay of Islands in the north of New Zealand.

The waring coastline of Cape Reinga in the Northland, where the sea and ocean me, clashing for all of time.

Weiheke Island outside of Auckland, the island of wine.

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Jagged coastline before reaching Labadee.

A friend meditates before the bright ocean at Belly Beach, Labadee, Haiti.

A warm morning sun radiates over the mountains near Belly Beach, Labadee.

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A cream-sickle colored sunset and a yogi on the cliffs outside of San Diego.

From the train pulling into northern California at dusk.

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Love being on the coast? Which photo was your favorite?


  1. Maybe I’m missing home a bit more than usual, but I think those Canadian coastlines look spectacular! 😉

    1. Author

      Aw Audrey, sorry to do that to ya, but I agree…loved traveling along the coast! Now I need to see the west!

  2. So many amazing coastlines Ryan! I particularly like Loh Dalum Bay, it looks very special!

  3. Wow, what photos. You have to come and see our Canarian coastlines, though. And, closer to our original home, we also recommend Dorset’s Jurassic Coast and that of Wales’ Gower Peninsula too.

    1. Author

      Oh wow that seems amazing, anything with “Jurassic” in the name instantly interests me anyway! Maybe I’ll get a chance to at some point!

  4. There are some exceptionally fine sections of coastline and small beaches on the outskirts of Cartagena in Spain. Better than some of these

    1. Author

      I’m sure there are tons of better coastlines waiting for me to visit Fiona =) I’ll make sure when I get to Spain to look those up!

  5. Looks beautiful. I have a thing for water and being near water. Have so many photos of beaches and coasts.

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