The perfect night out in Faro

People often know that Faro has the history and the tourist attractions sorted, but they don’t realize that this steamy Portuguese city also has a rather superb nightlife. As the sun goes down, both locals and tourists start getting their groove on. Helped by its large and dependable student population, the town has a lively atmosphere. The fact that Faro flights are relatively cheap and not too long in duration make it the perfect place to enjoy a night out abroad.

But where to start the perfect night out? True enough, you can wander along the main streets of the city centre and work out which bars have the buzz and which don’t. Alternatively, if you’re stuck for inspiration, make a beeline for some of our favourite venues below.


Start the evening by preparing your stomach with some of Faro’s finest cuisine. The long-established Faro e Benfica is the place to head to if you like a bit of fish; overlooking the harbour, it’s the ideal place to start your evening. Otherwise, get over to Mesa dos Mouros and order the local specialty, cataplana, which is a large stew cooked in an item of cookware of the same name.

If you’re looking to get your big night out started in a pub environment, Taska provides excellent traditional Portuguese seafood and has a formidable bar stocked with all kinds of drinks. Try the pork with cockles. Finally, for those who don’t like to be confronted by a tricky menu, Adega Nova lists its dishes in several languages including English and is particularly popular with tourists.

Bars and pubs

Once you’ve topped up your tummy with food, it’s time to get the drinking started. Get over to Ditadura Live Music bar if you’re after a laid-back atmosphere to get started in, along with some great live vibes. Cheap beer and high-quality bands. Also good for a quieter atmosphere is O Castelo, an odd mix between lounge bar and coffee shop in Faro’s Old Town. Sit outside and you’ll be treated to some superb views of the sun setting.

For those looking to kick things up a notch, Bar Chessenta is the place for you. This little venue is buzzing in the evenings, with karaoke and friendly bar staff and drinkers. Good selection of ales and beers, but grab a cocktail if you really want to get things started.


Now that you’re nicely soused, it’s time to hit the clubs. Mingle with the crowds in Millennium III if you like a big group of people to party with – it’s a gigantic warehouse-style venue with a great DJ and an amazing open-air lounge. Upa Upa is good for those who prefer to get started quickly as it gets busy pretty early, while Kadoc is another huge venue that houses 8,000 partygoers at once. Most of these clubs are relatively casual in style but if you’re looking for something classy, get over to T-Cube – for the rich, beautiful and trendy. Dress accordingly.


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  1. Jayne October 25, 2013 at 5:38 am

    I’ve never heard of this place before! It sounds like FUN. It’s great to read about places like this as it broadens the selection especially for new travelers like us =)


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