99 hrs and 4,000 Miles Later: My Train Adventure Comes to an End.

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Hello gnarly dudes and dudettes! I am currently in sunny San Diego where my hair and my strange surfer lingo just might fit in. I arrived in the wee hours of the night on the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner after hugging the entire Pacific coast on the Coastal Starlight train.

I’ve gotta’ tell ya, that route might be the winner of most ravishing views. I’d make love to it and sit under the stars whispering sweet nothings if that route were a woman. Get the gist?


Anywho, I am in the middle of the infamous Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego staying at the HI Hostel here, an all volunteer hostel run company. The neighborhood is bursting with some stellar looking bars and restaurants, and looks like a damn fine nightlife as well.

The sun is beaming today and I’m thinking to myself, “Why the hell am I on the computer?!

Well, that epic train adventure I was just on lacked Wifi for the entire route, around 4,000mi, so i wanted to give a brief update before I go frolicking in the sun. And on the beach. I REALLY need to stretch my legs after being on trains for 99hrs.

If you’ve been following along my Instagram or my Facebook posts, I may have tantalized you with some photos and videos from the trip when I did pass through an area with cell service.

Like this…

photo 5-2

Or this…


I have over 20GB of photos and videos to share from this amazing cross-country journey, and many unexpected discoveries and realizations that happened while talking to the workers of the backbone states.

Though I couldn’t share any photos or articles while I was on the journey, I did write two journals from Day 1 and Day 2 of the trip with in-depth details about life on a train.

I typed them on my phone. And I wanted to shoot myself. But check them out because it’ll give you some pretty nice insight into interactions I had with people on the train!

Soon to come will be tons of photos, travel videos, and featurettes from the whole trip and snippets for Chicago deep dish lovin’ and Portland’s marvelous quirkiness.

Here are some video teasers from footage I captured on the trip with my new GoPro and my DSLR to whet your travel buds, and my route recap is listed below.

Leaving on the Train (and a steamy shower scene =P)

Relaxing on the train after departure.

A Bike Food Cart Tour around Portland.

Don’t forget, I’ll be showing exclusive video journals, teasers, and personal tales through my weekly newsletter so sign up here, the next letter will be sent out Sunday!

Leg #1 Washington DC to Chicago IL: Approx. 18hrs and 700mi.

Map Capital Limited Route

Leg #2 Chicago IL to Portland OR: Approx. 47hrs and 2,100mi.

Map Empire Builder Route

Leg #3 Portland OR to San Diego CA: Approx. 34hrs and 1,100mi

Map Coastal Starlight Route

Stay tuned, photo essays and videos coming all this week and next as I prepare to head out to Southeast Asia!

Have you ever been on a similar trip? Do you love train travel too?



  1. You wrote those first two articles on your phone?! Impressive. Looks like it was an amazing trip. I’d love to do something similar one day. Looking forward to the follow up!

    1. Author

      Chya, Sam, no wifi on the train and I wanted to keep up with te journal. But after 2 posts it was nigh impossible! Will be posting the rest soon!

  2. Wow, Ryan. That looks like an epic trip and a great way to see the much of America. I found there’s something peaceful about train rides and you get to meet cool folks. Hope it was a blast and have fun in Thailand.

  3. I love these photos! There is something wonderful about those first two shots … gorgeous sunlight.. open laptop…. end of the day beer and relaxing! It looks like you are off to a beautiful start!

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