Gnarliest Travel Articles: August 11th-17th


Welcome to your weekly travel digest. Just like a young chap in the early 1900’s, I will be playing the role of town cryer telling you all of the best travel articles hot of the (word)press.

Each week I will be posting up my favorite blog reads that catch my terribly low attention span. No, I will not be in overalls and a golf cap like this dapper young lad on the left.

When I’m not wandering around the world, I’m reading about it, so I want to collect some entertainment to light that travel spirit under your ass!

There will be no “Top 10” posts here, no “Best Beaches” bullshit, just straight up travel adventures and motivation.


When you Follow your Dreams – and Fall on your Face.
by Amy of Wherever Writer

Exceprt: “Rent is due in two days, and no matter what funds I scrape together and how many times I redo the calculations—I do not have enough money.”

It takes a lot of courage, sacrifice, and persistence to go from zero to traveling the world. It takes selling all of your belongings, halting all pleasantries like going out on the town or eating at your favorite restaurants, and quitting your job. And sometimes it gets much more dire than that. Is it worth it? Amy will tell you first hand.



Dogsledding on Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau.
by Arielle of Little Mermaid at Sea.

Dogsledding has always seemed like one raw and exciting way to connect with man, beast, and the environment as well making for an invigorating adventure. Arielle get her chance to live out a fantasy and dogsled…on a glacier!


Travel Photography

Havana, Cuba – If it’s good enough for Hemingway. 
by Iain Mallory of Mallory on Travel

Excerpt: “Modern day Havana is a beautiful derelict, many of the buildings are rundown, some on the verge of collapse and yet this is part of the charm, the appeal.”

Cuba, and especially all of those photos I see of Havana, have always captivated me. I have quite the thing for classic cars and bright colors, and it seems as though Havana has both. Iain delves into the fantastic romance of Hemingway and Havana, and shows some stellar photos.



A year in the life of the Constant Ramblers.
by The Constant Rambler

When I met Kenin and Lauren at TBEX, they were two of the sweetest and most genuine people I met. The journey that these two have taken in the last year has been a wildly fun and exciting one. Check out all the photos from the year.


Travel Videos

Top things to do in Curacao.
by Kristen of Hopscotch the Globe

One thing I love about this video hilarious duality – Kristen faces off against Kristen as they both try to make the best out of Curacao. The second, the island vibes and the great tour of Curacao’s culture, food, and music scene.



Inspirational Videos

Holstee Manifesto

Thirty Seconds to Mars – “Do or Die”

Does that have ya pumped up?! Find other awesome reads this week or want to be featured next week? Comment below!



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    Not sure why I missed this first time around, thanks for the inclusion. It’s always great to have your work appreciated especially by fellow publishers.

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      Thanks for the great content again Iain!


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