Travel Bucket List

The proverbial idiom used to put our human expiration date in a better light, and utilized by the masses (myself included) to form a tangible list of missions to hopefully accomplish before out time is up.

Ask yourself this: Is it a list overflowing with adventures crossed off? Or just a random list of “Ooohs, Ahhhs, and I Wish” from StumbleUpon that is collecting dust?

If it is the latter, you need to get your ass in gear and read the guides below. We were born to live, but we all die, so it’s time to create an attainable list and start knocking it out!

Below you will find my personal Bucket List(s) and get some tips to create and accomplish yours.


Why I think Bucket Lists are Rubbish (Re-inventing the bucket!)

I have a pretty straight forward view about bucket lists: the are junk. Why the harshness towards a universal symbol of travel inspiration? Read on, and see how I re-invented the bucket list.

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