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The world is one damn beautiful place isn’t it? As much as I am a fan of stringing together words to form imagery of the people I meet, places I go, or things I see — sometimes that just doesn’t cut it.

Sometimes Mother Nature feels the need to flaunt herself like some ravishing narcissistic pin-up, or a city shocks and awes with jaw-dropping architecture or a fascinating historical beauty lost to time. So a full-page spread is in order.

Here you will find retina rupturing and cortex tantalizing photo essays of destinations I’ve traveled to for your gawking pleasure.


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The Most Beautiful Coastlines From My Travels
After nearly 4 years of travel, I’ve realized something: I gravitate towards beautiful coastlines.

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The Most Beautiful Landscapes I’ve Traveled Through
I never thought I’d have the opportunity to travel, but after more than 14 countries, I share my top picks.

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My Favorite Places to Relax Around the World
Travel is both rewarding and stressful. A balance is important, so here are my top places to chill.

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10 Must Visit Places in New Zealand
I was swept off my feet by New Zealand’s diverse natural beauty. And you will be too. Here are my favorites!

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A Year Across New Zealand in Converse
New Zealand was about taking a step towards my travel dream, and my “chucks” were apart of the personal transformation.

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The Wild and Crazy Graffiti of Wellington
There are plenty of reasons to love Wellington, and my main reason was the awesome graffiti galore!

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Haiti in Photos: Don’t Look, You Might Fall In Love
They tell you not to visit Haiti. But I have photographic proof for you why you should. Beware, you may fall in love.

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In Photos: Inspirational Smiles From Haiti
While filming a documentary for 10 days in Haiti we discovered an abundance of smiles to be found.

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Fantasy Fulfilled: A Night in a Treehouse in Haiti
High in the hilltops outside of Port Au Prince lies a secret getaway that’s something out of fantasy.

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30 Day Epic Road Trip Across Eastern Canada
For the 2013 Travel Blog Expo in Toronto — Zak, Seattle, Candice, and I decided to take an epic road trip from Newfoundland to Ontario.

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Stunning Lighthouses of Eastern Canada
Lighthouses have always fascinated me — a symbol calling me to far off places. And Canada seems to be filled with amazing Lighthouses.

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Hiking Great Falls National Park, Washington D.C.
Great Falls National Park is one of my favorite places to hike, and is surprisingly hidden nearby the bustling United States capital.

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Wandering Union Station of Washington D.C.
After purchasing my first ever DSLR, I took it on a test run where all of my big adventures begin — the marble-carved historic Union Station.

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  1. Hey Ryan,

    Loved the photos from MedSailors trip from Dubrovnik to Split on August 13th. Are the photos available for purchase?


    1. Author

      Hey there Belinda, these photos aren’t available for purchase but they are on the Facebook page for Medsailors though!

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