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Welcome to The Lost Life series. Here you will get a big ole’ dose of visual travel stimulation that will tickle your cortex with adventure and adrenaline. You’ll travel videos and guides from around the world as well as episodes of The Lost Life, a new web series based around my adventures. Most likely a lot of this will include a lot of jumping off of waterfalls.


    From participating in the Rickshaw Run across India, to living and exploring Australia for a year, Thingyan New Year in Myanmar, road trips across Cambodia, living on sailboats in Croatia and Greece as a photographer for MedSailors, hiking the highlands of Scotland and more.


  • 2 Years Around the World


  • 4 Years Traveling the World Supercut
    4 years ago I left the United States for the first time ever and it changed my life. And it can change yours too.

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  • First Time Scuba Diving in Ponza, Italy
    Scuba diving is one of my favorite things to do while traveling, but my first time was almost a disaster.

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  • A Day Exploring Wonderful Prague
    Prague is one of my favorite cities in the world for the great beer, architecture, and much more.

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  • Secret Art Galleries in Abandoned Factories
    In Jacmel behind the crumbling facades of century old abandoned coffee factories hide secret vibrant art galleries.

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  • Vine Tour of Haiti Port au Prince to Jacmel
    I saw a ton while traveling Haiti for 2 weeks, and much of it was fast paced. So here is part 1 of the trip in 6 second videos.

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  • Haiti by Vine: Sea Cliffs to Voodoo Caves
    While traveling Haiti, I caught every moment of the trip I could, much of it in 6 second video clips. Come see them all!

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  • Surviving the Insane Bus Ride from Jaipur to Jaisalmer, India
    Usually when you take modes of transport in Asia it can be dicey at times. But other instances, you might be fearing death for the 8+ hours you have to hold onto your sanity.

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