[x_text]Land of fast food and flags. Fist pumps and beer pong. Hip-hop and Hollywood. Big guns and fast cars. Where most don’t travel but we’re all up in every country’s affairs. This is ‘Murica. [/x_text]

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[x_text][dropcap]O[/dropcap]f course I’m being sarcastic about my own country. A little. Some of those are true to an extent, but most are stereotypes about the United States and Americans based off of what people see in our movies and on TV. When you travel as an American, you realize that most of the world thinks that’s all we’ve got. Most people I meet abroad comment or ask me about one of those stereotypes listed above, occasionally with a negative tone towards America.

I’ll be honest with you — I haven’t been everywhere, but I’ve been around. To a lot of cities I mean. It took until I was 20 to snap out of my daze and start exploring, and though I haven’t seen most of the states extensively, I’ve traveled enough the United States it to have an idea of what you should see and do.

I’ve driven across the United States twice, taken buses through it, and traveled by train across it 5 times. And leaving the United States showed me that I really do love my country — one needs to leave their country and return to see it through different eyes. Right? So here is my not-so-standard guide to traveling around the United States, and I hope that some of it will break down a few of the stereotypes or broaden the selection of cities most foreign travelers stick to.

Here is my not-so-standard guide to traveling around the United States.

US Map

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SIZE: 50 States, 320mil People
CAPITAL: Washington D.C.
TIPPING: Yes, 15%-20%
VISA: 90 Days (more info)
GREETING: Hello, Hey, How’s it going?
BEST SIM: T-Mobile
ATM FEES: $2-$5
This ain’t Japan with bullet trains, but the US has reliable public transport. Most are tempted to fly everywhere, but driving or taking a train/bus places is the best way to take in the unique landscape. Remember, the US is BIG. But unlike Australia, there’s a ton to see and do in between coasts.
BUSES: Greyhound, Megabus
AIRLINES: US Airways, United, Virgin America, Delta
RENTAL CARS: Budget, Avis, Alamo, Enterprise
DO treat each state like a country
DON’T think all Americans are like what they show on TV.
DO tip in restaurants and bars.
DON’T drink in public areas.
DO use AirBnB and Couchsurfing.
DON’T expect many hostels.
DO ask for help or directions from strangers.
DON’T talk about politics, religion, guns, immigration, etc unless brought up. Can get heated.
DO visit the National Parks.
DON’T Camp anywhere, look up sites.
DO visit museums and exhibits, plenty are free.
DON’T just go to tourist attractions.
DO get a local’s advice for what to eat.
DON’T hang out too long in a restaurant, waiters only make tips.
DO try American craft beers.
DON’T think drinking at bars is cheap.
[x_text]IT’S NOT JUST NEW YORK AND LOS ANGELES! People always tell me they are doing the trifecta of New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles. It kills me when I hear that! There are plenty of awesome cities besides those. Hit Cleveland for the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. How about Pittsburg for the history and burghs. Chicago for the deep dish and skyline. Albuquerque for the stark desert and hot air balloon festival. And so many more.[/x_text]Still Visiting Los Angeles? Here are Secrets to Seeing Los Angeles on a Budget

Top 3 Favorite Cities


For many reasons, New Orleans is my favorite city in the world. Besides the vibrant art, rich culture, and amazing food — it has one of the greatest and most unique music scenes. Home of Jazz, the “Big Easy” is a city where every corner music can be heard. And no matter where you are eating, there’s a good chance a band will be on.

San Diego

Dudes and dudettes, Los Angeles isn’t the only city in California worth a visit. Most always plan their trip around the City of Angels, but if you want to relax, ditch the smog and crowded beaches, then head to San Diego! Besides the amazing food, great nightlife, and rich history — San Diego is surrounded by beautiful small beaches outside the city.


Portland isn’t just hipster capital of the United States. On the surface, Portland might seem to be made up of micro-breweries and mustaches, but there’s far more to it. Surrounded by mountains and gorges, with a city greener than most, you’ll also find more food trucks than any other city in the US. And they all have an awesome array of noms.

Get to know the USA

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[x_text]More articles and guides will be coming in the future from my adventures around the United States, but if you have a specific questions or would like to see a city featured more, give me a shout below![/x_text]