From Treehouses to Voodoo Caves: Vine Video Tour of Haiti Part 1

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On my recent trip to Haiti where I explored the country extensively for 3 weeks doing everything from camping, hiking, swimming, urban exploring, and diving off every waterfall I saw (except one), I also recorded nearly every travel moment on video using either my GoPro, my iPhone 6, or my Canon DSLR. That left me with over 100 gigabytes of awesome videos which I will be turning into episodes in the coming weeks. While we adventured to many places Haitians don’t even travel to, I was also using the app Vine to share live videos of the amazing experiences. About 72 videos or 432 seconds of footage at 6 seconds per video.

Don’t worry, that is a lot of video and would probably crash your computer, so I’ve posted the first 25 videos for starters and I will be doing part 2 and part 3 this week.

For those of you who don’t use it, Vine is an app that allows you to shoot up to 6 seconds of video that loops. I love it because it forces you to get creative with what you post, but it also opens up the door to create some really cool super short videos. And it has become my travel social media obsession. Over the 3 weeks, it seems like my Vine videos caught a lot of attention for myself and Haiti, where the hashtag #Haiti began trending on their front page as a few of my videos went viral, and I was featured on Vine’s front page video picks. This helped my Vine following to go from 300 to a cool 1,900, and my views on the app ballooned to 1.9 million! The most important part of those numbers was the amount of reach Haiti was getting, and for me it was fulfilling to have viewers become fiends about traveling to Haiti.

So, I wanted to share the Vine videos from Haiti with you, and take you on a spectacular visual tour of the country and my time there. Here is my article super-cut of the Vine videos from Haiti for your enjoyment! Make sure to let me know which was your favorite in the comments!

NOTE: Please give the videos a few seconds to load. If you would like to hear the audio of any video, hover over the clip and click the microphone icon. Make sure to click it after you view it to mute again.

Night before my flight

Time-lapse at the airport

Take off to Miami

Delayed flight, second time exiting

Time-lapse from my window seat

Finally in Haiti, slow-mo waterfall

Bull riding, Haitian style

Trying bloodsausageinFurcy

Time-lapse heartbeat sunrise,Rustik treehouse

Rustik treehouse hostel

Fast life of Port Au Prince in slow-mo

A beer and the waves in Jacmel

Time-lapse sunrise over Jacmel

Hammock time

Slow-mo sunset over Jacmel

Slow-mo boat tour at dusk, Jacmel

Slow-mo frontflipinBassin Bleu

Sunset time-lapse over the Caribbean

A perfect place to write

Sunlight in an abandoned factory


Haitian childsplay, Camp-Perrin

Exploring the VoodoocavesofKounoubwa

Swimming into the clouds in Camp-Perrin lagoon

HikingtoKounoubwa caves, Camp-Perrin

Which clip was your favorite from Haiti?


  1. Nice! I don’t use vine anymore, but I enjoy your videos! Well done and what a great way to capture the moments.

    1. Author

      Thanks very much Deb for the comment, happy you liked the Vine videos. Completely new creative showing for me, but it was fun. Too bad you haven’t in a while! Which clip was your favorite?

    1. Author

      Ahh thanks Mary, I’m happy you like that little concept! It was a really fun way to share Haiti and all of the things we did there in live action.

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